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Three-Year-Old Adriana Smith Gets First Haircut for Charity


Ariana Smith

A three-year old is currently making the headlines due to her haircut.

This haircut is quite special as she donated her hair to the organization named Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces for children under the age of 18 suffering from long term medical conditions.

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Locks of Love

This toddler from Winterport, Maine first had the idea of donating her hair after she saw the image of a little girl going bald while lying in bed with tubes in her in a video game.

Video Gaming

“I do a charity called Extra Life where I play video games to help raise money for kids. Ariana happened to be sitting on my lap when a video played showing a little girl who was bald, lying in a hospital bed with tubes in her,” Josh Smith, Ariana’s father said during an interview.

The scene prompted Ariana to have her very first haircut and donate it to charity.

Ariana Smith
Ariana Smith





Josh’s wife and Ariana’s mother suggested a few organizations to which they can give Ariana’s hair. It was then that the Smiths’ decided to give their daughter’s hair to “Locks of Love.” They had taken a total of 10 inches from Ariana’s long blonde hair.

Ariana Smith

Smith says in an interview that it was Ariana’s very first haircut and that Ariana felt very special about it and is even planning to do it again.

Ariana is not the only little girl who had her hair cut for charity though. Below are photos of kids who donated their shorn hair to charities:



Check out more of these adorable kids getting their hair cut for charity:


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