Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart Fulfilled Sick Trekkie’s Ultimate Wish

Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart Fulfilled Sick Trekkie’s Ultimate Wish


Patrick Stewart

Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart did not let his busy schedule stop him from fulfilling a young Star Trek fan’s ultimate wish.

Dawn Garrigus

Stewart made a touching visit to Dawn Garrigus, an 11-year-old who hails from Statesboro, Georgia who is battling a mitochondrial disease that causes mental, physical and developmental disabilities. Dawn is an avid and bonafide Trekkie.

This Star Trek fan, through Make-A-Wish- Foundation, has asked if she could attend the Dragon-Con, a sci-fi and fantasy convention held annually in Georgia over the Labour Day Weekend. It just so happened that the event hosted a special panel for Star Trek: The Next Generation.



Known for his role as Captain Picard in the Star Trek franchise, Stewart got hold of Dawn’s plight and immediately arranged for a special meeting with the world’s bravest Trekkie, which was done with the help of her parents as well.

“I was shy at first, not sure what to say or talk about, but he kept talking to me. I felt like I was on the Enterprise talking to the captain. And suddenly, I was OK.”

Dawn recounts her face to face meeting with the legendary captain of the Enterprise clad in her Spock costume complete with the prosthetic ears.

“I was soo excited … I could not believe it.”

Patrick Stewart Hugs

Although what they actually talked about became a secret between her and Capt. Picard, she ultimately described that the highlight of their meeting is that they are officially good friends. Since the visit, it was revealed that Dawn’s condition has dramatically improved.

Dawns Revelation

Patrick Stewart Autograph

“We have seen a very positive response, Her illness can be very depressing and leaves her feeling separated and causes her difficulty to relate to other kids her age. Her brief visit with Sir Patrick has alleviated that feeling which we cannot begin to express gratitude for,” her parents said after their brief encounter with the Star Trek actor.

Image 4

The family also left a thank you message for the Hollywood actor:

“You have made a mark on her and our life that will never be forgotten!”

Watch a video right here.



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