Top 10 Spectacular Themed Apartments

Top 10 Spectacular Themed Apartments


While some of us just wants a place to stay, these people have clearly different and unique ideas in their mind for luxury living. But who doesn’t want to live in these kinds of places?

After seeing a lot of chic and modern apartment themes, we give you the homes of some people who took their fandom to the next level — may it be a game, movie, series, and even nature.

1.  Beatles-Themed Apartment

The Beatles is truly one of UK’s prides, and as homage to the well-renowned British band, Daytripper Apartment, which is located in a quiet neighborhood in Liverpool, has designed each room of their self-catering flat with Beatles prints, memorabilia, books, and records.

The Beatle-themed apartment has also installed a music system which features a CD player and iPod dock, along with the wide array of CDs to indulge and guitars to strum.

2. Nature-Themed Apartment

Who said that you cannot bring nature inside your apartment?

For Linda Kizer, everyday is like an adventure in the wild. She has been living in her apartment for a few years now, and she has intricately designed her apartment to have a jungle feel. He passion for the wild rendered her imagination to churn out ideas to turn his hard and concrete apartment into a warm and nurturing nature.

Her kitchen is full of wild designs such as her stove which is guised as a tiger, and her refrigerator that was masked with zebra stripes.

Also, if you ever happen to stumble upon her dining room, you wouldn’t have thought at first glance that it was a place to eat as a jungle grows in the middle of it.

Meanwhile, upon arrival, it is noticeable that her front door is embezzled with wild crop of potted plants, while African masks and exotic wood carvings hang outside her apartment which conjure a wild welcome.

3. Super Mario Bros. – Themed Apartment

In Tokyo, you can live inside a short-term apartment like you are in the Super Mario World. The entire place is literally bombarded with crafts and features which closely resembles the virtual Nintendo world.

According to its owner who is an avid Nintendo fan, most of the knickknacks found inside are personally handcrafted by himself.

4.  PS4-Themed Apartment

When PlayStation 4 was released in 2013, Sony France has built an apartment which was designed after gaming console. Guests who were invited inside the “Apartment 4” (or “Appartement 4” in French) were able to enjoy PS4 games before its official release.

To finish off the PS4 feel inside the place, Sony have installed a PlayStation imagery and charm, including decorative armored suits and parrots.

5. Steampunk-Themed Apartment

Steampunk has become popular over the years, and filmmaker Jeremy Noritz went crazy to construct a steampunk-themed apartment in New York City back in 2011.

The 1,800-square-meter space is up for sale for $1,750,000 as Noritz have stated that he has been travelling a lot due to his job, and he decided to give somebody else to fully enjoy its awesome features.

Originally, the open-space was bought for $1.3 million back in 2006, and Noritz has developed it into a geek’s dream home with a submarine-style front door. As you step inside, your eyes will immediately fix on the colorful zeppelins hanging down from the ceiling, along with large wooden and metal gears which weigh up to 500 pounds. Old wrenches were also crafted as cabinet door handles.

The bedroom, meanwhile, has a Zeppelin features with a bed that can be hoisted up and down via switch that was made from a deactivated bomb.

Another cool feature of the apartment is its two full baths that are hidden by walls of antique gears, cogs, and piping




6. Space Invaders-Themed Apartment

OneByNine, a Warsaw-based architecture studio, has designed a marvelous Space Invaders-themed apartment in Hong Kong. With only a 376 square feet,the apartment is fitted with the appearance from the popular 8-bit video game.

7.  Star Wars-Themed Aparment

You will feel that the force is strong inside this Star Wars-themed apartment. The interior design of this home will make you feel like you are living straight in the Star Wars universe as a Sith Lord. Even its bathroom is was decorated after Darth Vader.

8.  Avengers – Themed Apartment

This is taking Avengers fandom to the next level! Singapore’s Absolook Interior Design offers a portfolio with a variety of geeky yet gorgeous projects to choose from.

One of their designs is an Avengers-themed decor which incorporates superhero elements in your apartment in a classy and chic way.

9.  Star Trek – Themed Apartment (Lost in an ugly divorce)

Another themed apartment from the sci-fi film Star Trek, this is home to the 58-year-old Tony Alleyne.. After he got divorced, he transformed his bachelor pad in to the interior of the Starship Enterprise.

Over the course of 10 years, Alleyne has completely tripped his apartment in Leicestershire, England for about $6,500 with a full-scale replica of the Enterprise’s console and “beam me up” transporters.

10.  Joey and Chandler’s Friends – Themed Apartment

At some point of our lives, we have dreamed a life such as those on the popular sitcom Friends who are constantly drinking coffee downstairs in the Central Perk or hanging out in Monica’s apartment while eating pizza. In their world, you are also guaranteed to find your lobster.
But it seems that this man from Beijing wants to actually live as they were in the series. The man was nicknamed as Gunther after the bartender in the Central Perk. He had just broken up badly with his former lover, and his buddies suggested to watch Friends to help him get over the heartbreak. Miraculously, he recovered from it, and the show got to him deeply that he decided to model his apartment after Joey and Chandler’s place.

He also opened a coffee shop which he named Central Perk where he works as a barista, hence the nickname Gunther.




Every detail of the apartment and the coffee shop was designed after the features from the show.


Watch the video below to see his works:


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