Top 12 Different Poses of Yoga From Celebrity Yogi Sarah Mundo

Top 12 Different Poses of Yoga From Celebrity Yogi Sarah Mundo

You might have seen her on TV. Or you must have met her when you hit the gym last week. But if she does not look familiar to you, that’s understandable. It’s because Sarah Mundo prefers to stay at home most of the time, doing the thing she’s fallen in love with—yoga.

Sarah Mundo is a talented young woman, and spends more than half of every day practicing the yoga poses she loves.

Sarah first started yoga in middle school and has grown to become an expert yogi and continues to learn new poses. She strives to improve her poses and knowledge of yoga. Sarah explains, “I’m always looking for ways to open and strengthen every part of my body during my practice. It’s addicting.”

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Variation in Yoga Practice

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Her favorite style of yoga is vinyasa, a series of poses that help with breathing. The movements of vinyasa are beautiful, like a dance. As a dancer since the age of three, Sarah has incorporated her dance and contortion skills into her yoga practice.


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There are positions Sarah likes to keep on practicing, and they are the ones that involve the activation of “the area between your belly button and private part,” or what is also called mula bhanda. When you start learning yoga, you need patience and discipline. You need to start slow and remain relaxed throughout the practice. She gives this advice:

“For beginners, I recommend to take your time and become aware of every part of your body, and how you feel and react to each pose so you can better track your progress, and remember to breathe through the discomfort. Try to do three complete breaths in the discomfort. That’s how your body will relax into the poses and strengthen.”




Scorpion Forearm Balance

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Sarah likes to improve her knowledge of her yoga and looks for ways to improve her practice as well. She is also a recording artist and actress. She has an upcoming series called Hollywood Cycle on the E! channel.

The Elbow Split Balance

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Yoga was first introduced over 5,000 years ago. Many celebrities like Madonna, Adam Levine, and Gisele Bundchen practice this popular form of exercise.

Bow Variation

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Breathing is very important in yoga.





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The more time you spend on practicing, the easier it will be for you.

Crescent Moon Variation

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This is Sarah’s variation of the crescent moon pose.

Standing Bow Variation

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Yoga has many poses and variations that you can learn.




Full Wheel

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Side Crane

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You can find more pictures of Sarah on her Instagram page.




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