Want to Learn the Secrets and What You Need to Know Behind the Big-O?

Want to Learn the Secrets and What You Need to Know Behind the Big-O?


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The topic about orgasms is at most times taboo when it comes to public discussions, but we have to admit we all have those questions in the back of our minds. Orgasms, is described as an outburst during sexual activity. It causes the body to erupt from pleasure, exhibiting a feeling of euphoria and excitement that lasts for a short period.

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While many of us seek out to venture on that sexual nirvana, not everyone is lucky enough to arrive at the destination. On this list you will find the science behind orgasms and even learn a thing or two about achieving that much wanted pleasure.




The Science Behind That Orgasmic Face

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Scientists say this comes naturally. Maybe that’s why guys can easily tell whether you’re faking it or not. Men enjoy staring at that orgasmic face because it tells them that they have successfully pleased their women. It is usually described with closed eyes, a small smile, and a head that’s thrown back.

Sex Positions Matter

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It is a well-known fact that your sexual position increases your chances in having an orgasm. This allows the pleasure zones to be stimulated in the best ways. Take a cue from the ancient book of Kama Sutra, where it is clearly stated that positions do matter, so we never have to settle for “almost.” Just a tip: the empowering woman-on-top position can effectively give you the erotic boost you need as well as the ever-famous doggie style.




You Can Orgasm When You Sleep

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Men—and women—are not immune to sex dreams.Women can get them any time while men usually have them during their adolescent years. It works the same way when you’re having actual sex. Since the brain continues to work even during sleep, a lot of people achieve orgasms after having a sex dream even if they don’t remember it the next day.

The Length of Time Until You Explode Is . . .

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Truth is, there are no specifics, but performance does matter. It starts with the foreplay, of course. The more pleasure a woman receives during foreplay, the greater the chances she’ll reach the finish line. It all comes down to body science. The kisses done where the nerves meet increase pleasure. It could be on her mouth, her neck, or her breasts, just as long as you get the blood flow going.

Don’t believe what you hear about orgasms requiring more than an hour to reach. The average woman can reach her peak in about 20 minutes or so, so just make sure you carefully calculate your actions; otherwise, you’ll end up spoiling everything.




Contrary to Myths, Orgasm Gets Better as You Age

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Oxytocin is a hormone synonymous to orgasms. It is produced by the hypothalamus, the part of your brain responsible for your feeling of hunger, thirst, and sexual desires. Well, oxytocin gives a feeling of intense pleasure, relieving you of pain and stress. If you keep your sex life active, it’s most likely to lead you to a happier life as you grow older.

Females from the age of 18 to 27 experience less orgasm at 60 percent of their sexual activities compared to when they reach their 30s, where they peak at 84 percent. The same cannot be said for men, however, because as men grow older, it takes longer for them to be stimulated.

Brain Orgasms Are Real

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This can be applied through mere visual stimulation or explicit talks. This the truth behind phone sex, which is remarkably effective even with women.

Sex Sounds and Dirty Talks Are Incredibly Effective

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Moaning and groaning come naturally during sex. These sexual sounds during the activity just boost the energy of both bodies. So the next time you decide to get down in the sack, don’t think twice about scaring your partner with the sounds you make—just don’t overdo it too. This also applies when you talk dirty during sex and when you give out instructions so you can reach the peak together.

Exercising Can Get You Off

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In rare but likely cases, a woman can hit it off when she’s in the gym or getting down to those yoga positions. This gives a whole new light to when people say that sex feels like a workout. Remember that when you thrust your pelvic muscle during sex isn’t much different when you do a simple sit-up.

Others may find it embarrassing ,but it’s really just a normal body reaction. Like brain or mental orgasms, it doesn’t require actual penetration to happen. So the next time you hit the gym, don’t be shocked when you get that unexpected O.




Watch more facts right here with these videos below.

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