Faith in Humanity Restored

Top 15 Pics That Put Your Faith in Humanity Back on Track

In a world riddled with news of war, pestilence, disease, violence and cruelty, you will probably ask yourself every day how far humans have gone to the dumps.

However, there is really no cause for alarm. Even in this day and age, there are still people who show that there is kindness left in humanity. You might not see them often on television or in the movies, but they exist. They are the unsung heroes that we have meet on the street or the subway or even in our own neighborhood.

Here are just some of the most amazing acts of kindness, some even done in the face of extreme danger, that clearly helps restore faith in humanity:

A man gives his shoes to a bedraggled girl in Rio de Janeiro.

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Rio de Janeiro

The Brazilian general surely did not expect this surprise for his birthday.


17-year-old runner Meghan Vogel forgot about winning the race and let her kind spirit take over, when she helped her injured fellow runner to cross the finish line.

Meghan Vogel

John Unger’s 19-year-old dog Schoep has arthritis. He brings him every night to Lake Superior and cradles him to sleep in the waters of the lake, allowing its buoyancy to soothe the dog’s pain.

John Unger's

The note says it all.

Twin Baby Boys


In a photo taken by a tourist, an NYPD officer was seen giving a homeless man a pair of thermal socks and an all-weather boots on a cold night in New York.

NYPD Officer

With Subway, you need not go hungry on Fridays.


Bikers gave this thirsty koala a respite from the heat of the Australian summer sun.

Giving Water

This young boy risked his life to save this little doggie from the flood.

Young boy
Entire Class Shaved
Two Young Boys
Hero Dad

 This must have made the cancer-stricken graduate’s day.

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