Top Five Gift Ideas for Your Technology Loving Friend

Top Five Gift Ideas for Your Technology Loving Friend

Finding the perfect gift for a technologically versed friend is no walk in the park.

With several updates on gadgets and devices coming in at an astonishing rate, one can only wonder what kind of gift could please the techie in your circle of friends. One of the greatest tips that you can swear by when you are stuck in this particular jam is to go for items that they can use everyday.

To ease you out of your shopping blues, here are the top five items you can give to your pal.

1.) Sense


Sense is a smart system that allows its users to closely understand their respective sleeping habits and sleeping environments. The gadget is quite handy and can be placed either on the nightstand or the bedside table. This device tracks your sleep data along with other things such as the noise, light and temperature of the room. A sleep score will be presented to you every morning along with the information to help you improve your quality of sleep.


Sense also includes has a ‘smart’ alarm that uses your sleep data to wake you up in the most natural way possible without that loud banging from your mom’s kitchen utensils.

2.) Project Ara






For the smartphone addict in your gang, the Project Ara is the perfect gift. This pretty ambitious project allows one to create their very own smartphone! Another great thing about this project is that it is complete with the necessary tools and parts in creating one’s preferred smart phone with all the specs you need and you can’t find in the market.

Whether you want a smart phone that is perfect for taking pictures or for downloading music, Project Ara is the perfect gift to get you going.

3.) Panono






If you know someone who loves taking photos then this panoramic camera ball is the ultimate must have.

All one has to do is to throw the ball up in the air and the camera automatically triggers at the ball’s highest point with the aim of getting the best photo possible. A preview of your photos will automatically be sent to your mobile device. The camera can store up to 400 shots at a time and allows you to transfer them to you computer with Wi-Fi or USB.

4.) Wocket






The Wocket Smart Wallet is one of the best gifts you can give to your guy friends. This high tech smart wallet is designed to replace your regular wallet with one single card. It is equipped with high tech security features that keeps all your information protected at all times.

This smart wallet can load up information for up to 10,000 cards that you can carry inside your wallet. All one has to do is to swipe the card when they are making a purchase.

Not impressed yet? Here are some additional features:

  • Works for online purchases. Press a button on the wallet to quickly display the card info you need.
  • Includes a mobile & desktop app for managing your finances.
  • Wallet battery lasts a full year, and can be recharged beyond that.
  • Made with high quality stitched leather, making this a very impressive tech gadget to give as a gift.

 5.) The 3Doodler 2.0

3d printing pen, best tech gifts of 2015

For the artist in the group, the 3Doodler is one gift that you should definitely give.


The 3Doodler was the world’s first 3D Printing Pen that you could buy.  3D printing is a very talked about topic today and this 3Doodler is an inexpensive pen that allows you to draw objects in 3D making it one of the most versatile tools you can use to create gifts for your loved ones.





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