Top Ten Short Hairstyles for Men in 2015

Top Ten Short Hairstyles for Men in 2015


If you have been sporting longish hair for the past year and you want to have it cut short, take a look at the top ten short hairstyles for 2015 below and see what might suit you best.

1. Slicked Back Cut

This classic hairstyle can be played in so many ways. You can make it look mussed up, like you just got out of bed, or you can keep it neat and tame for more formal occasions.

2. Short and Simple

simple mens hair

This hairstyle, which its short back and sides and a bit longer at the top, is perfect for those men who wants to play with their looks every once in a while. With just a bit of hair gel, you can create a bedhead or spiked look with this cut in minutes.

3. The Variation of an Undercut

mens hairstyle

Undercuts are still going strong this year, with some variations like the “choppy side part” shown in the photo above. With more undercut versions available, you will have a wide range of choices available.

4. The Side Part

This sexy hairstyle is suited for all types of men, but are perfect for those with hair long enough to sweep over to the side. This is best for the kind of man who is always in a rush and wants a cut that does not take too much effort to style.

5. Short Sides and Back

short mens hair 2015
If you want to have a hairstyle that is a bit different than most men, then go with this cut that is short at the sides and at the back and has a longer top layer. This style sweeps your hair over your head before gradually tapering down to a tip right at the front.




6. Side Part Pompadour

short hairstyle
A common hairstyle among men all throughout history, the side part pompadour is expected to make a strong comeback this year. It can either be short or long on top and is usually kept in place using a pomade.

7. Brushed Up

Although this haircut is longer than most of the styles in this list, the hair at the back and on the sides are shoryter than the top layer. It is one of the classic styles that can be used by those with shorter hair and can be easily styled with the use of gel or pomade.

8. Caesar Haircut

caesur cut
Similar to the buzz cut, this hair style is simple to maintain and spike. With just some styling gel or cream, you can achieve the spike look with this cut within seconds.

9. Angular Fringe

angular fringe
The angular fringe features tapered sides, a long top layer that is cut at an angle. Although it can work for all facial shapes, it is best for men with round faces.

10. Simple Casual

casual hairstyle
This simple yet casual hairstyle is touted as one of the classics. Almost the same as the slicked back look, you can mimic this style with a styling cream or hair gel and a brisk brush through. To make it easier to maintain, make sure that you keep the sides shorter and the top layer longer.




For more men’s hairstyles, check out the videos below:



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