14 Most Attractive Saltwater Fish in the Sea

14 Most Attractive Saltwater Fish in the Sea


It has been told that seventy percent of our planet is made up of water, so it’s definitely not a surprise why most of us are so fascinated with aquatic creatures while some even have aquariums in their houses and fish ponds.

Fish are just few of the creatures in the sea we love to know about. They are vibrant, they come in different shapes and looks, and they look adorable with their unique fins and structures.  We can’t get enough of these charming creatures so we decided to look for the most beautiful fish on earth and prove that these species are worth keeping for.

Here are fourteen of the most attractive fish we can find on earth:

1. Mandarin fish

From Southeast Pacific region near Australia, Mandarin fish are small vibrant creatures from dragonet family. They can live up to fifteen years and they eat only live food like small worms and ocean isopods.

2. Discus Fish

Discus fish are natives from Amazon river basin in South America and are also known as Pompadour fish. They are one of the most expensive fish that you can put on a freshwater aquarium and they come in green, red, brown and blue shades.

3. Moorish Idol

From the prehistoric fish family Zanclida, Moorish Idols are the only surviving species of their kind which can be  found in the Indian ocean, Japan and South Africa. They were named after the Moorish people of Africa who believed these creatures are careers of good luck.

4. Flame Angel Fish

Flaming Angelfish or the Japanese Pygmy Angelfish is a bright colored fish from Pacific Ocean. They are also great in aquariums as they eat any kind of food.

5. Regal Tang


Featured as one of the characters in the film Finding Nemo, Regal Tang or Palette Surgeon fishes are very fragile fish easily prone to infections.




6. Parrot fish

Parrot fish have hook shaped beaks whose survival depend on seaweeds and other aquatic pests that destroy coral reefs.

7. Clown fish

Also known as Anemone fish, clown fish are one of the most popular aquarium fish with very unusual biology who can change sexes between male and female. There are 28 different species of clown fish and twenty five percent of these are bred in captivity.

8. Banggai Cardinal fish

banggai cardinalfish

Banggai Cardinal Fish is a native of the Banggai Islands of Indonesia. They are one of the most popular aquarium fish although they are considered as endangered species due to over-fishing.

9. Blueface Angel fish


Blueface Angel fish are species known for its bright face. They are also called Yellowface Angel fish and they are found mostly in Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Australia, Micronesia and Japan.

10. Dwarf Gourami

From Indian subcontinent, dwarf gourami fish spread across the globe as one of the easiest aquarium species to breed. Their food includ algae, meat and common fish food.




11. French Angel fish

Another angel fish on our list is the French Angel Fish which actually originated from Atlantic. These creatures are sometimes being sold in the market if not seen in the aquarium.

 12. Lion Fish

Lion fish


Lion fish are one of the most venomous fishes in the ocean due to their poisonous dorsal spines used when they are threatened. Their sting however is usually not fatal to humans though it might cause extreme pain, possible headaches, vomiting, and breathing difficulties to its human victim.

13. Lyretail Anthias

Lyretial ethias

Natives of the Indo-West pacific, Lyretial anthias are aquarium fishes born as females but grow up as males. Aside from sex change, their colors also change upon growing. These species are referred to some as scalefins, sea goldies or lyretail coral fishes.

14. Trigger Fish

From Eastern Pacific Ocean, trigger fish are colorful creatures in blue, green and yellow shades and exist in forty different species.




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