Introducing the Futuristic-Looking Lada Raven …A Supercar Concept of Tomorrow

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Lada Raven supercar concept

Lada is a Russian car brand that became popular in the Soviet era over the last two decades. Although it was never known for manufacturing supercars, Russian designer Dmitry Lazarev has introduced a new concept supercar to Lada – the Lada Raven, hoping that this might soon become popular not only in Russia and Europe, but all across the globe.

Lada Raven supercar concept

Lada was originally noted for exporting sedan models. In fact, they have sold more than 20 million units (making them the highest-selling automobile without major design changes) before production ended somewhere in 2012.



The Lada Raven supercar concept has an unusual design with enormous grilles up front, big vents at the back, and massive wheel arches. Awe inspiring…

See it in action:


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