They Wanted to Take a Trip to Japan in the Winter

They Wanted to Take a Trip to Japan in the Winter


If you wish to see some interesting passageways, then the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is the place to be. This is an international mountain sightseeing road that stretches 90 kilometers or 56 miles long. As you travel here, you get the chance to go across the “roof of Japan“, which is a 3,000-meter-high North Alpine mountain.

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route connects Shinano Omachi and Toyama. To enjoy the beautiful landscape around the place, you can either take the train, ride highland buses, cable cars, trolley buses, and the ropeway.

It was in June 1971 when this road opened. Since then, it has transformed the Tateyama mountain from something that is very isolated to something worth-visiting. As a matter of fact, millions of visitors come here every year to witness the unbelievable snow corridor.

Tateyama’s Murodo-daira in Japan is among the few places in the world that experience the heaviest snows. On average, the snow reaches about seven meters or 23 feet height. There is even a snow mantle somewhere in Otani, which is a 5-minute walk from Murodo station, that gets over 20 meters of snowfall due to snowdrifts. By expelling heavy snow, the famous Snow Walls are formed.

The popular snow walls are open to sightseers starting from mid-April to the last week of May.








Learn more about this route in the video below:


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