This Tiny Island is 4 Times More Densely Populated Than Manhattan

This Tiny Island is 4 Times More Densely Populated Than Manhattan


If you think your city is very populated due to the crowded parks during hot summer days and public vehicles you can never get a seat in, well, think again. This island is more than that.

This is Santa Cruz del Isote. Discovered by an unidentified Colombian fisherman about 150 years ago, it can only be reached after a two-hour boat ride from Cartagena. Compared to Manhattan, this tiny island is four times heavily populated. With a land area of only about 3 hectares, you won’t believe how more than 1,200 people fit here.

Though it is a part of the San Bernardo Archipelago, Santa Cruz del Isote is very much different than the rest of its neighboring islands. In fact, it is very much known for its distinct characteristic. Despite sitting in an area ravaged by mosquitoes that bring malaria, this island is totally mosquito free. For this reason, the fisherman who discovered it decided to finally settle there.

Impressively, this tiny island has 90 houses, two shops, and a school. In the event that somebody wants to build a taller structure, the locals won’t allow it.

For the locals, the island is a lovely paradise. And of course, the reason is pretty obvious. Juvenal Julio, a 66-year-old native, told the Toronto Star, “Life is calm and delightful. We don’t have violence, we don’t need police, we all know each other and we enjoy our days. It’s a glorious life.”

Nevertheless, there are still issues with the island. There is no cemetery, no electricity, and no doctor. But, there is a generator that runs for five hours a day and a navy ship that delivers food supplies every three weeks. The only amenity provided by the state is a security guard outside the school as the government requires every school to have a security guard.




If you are asking what people do to support their family. Basically, they have plenty of ways to earn. While some offer tourist boat tours that include fishing, diving, and snorkeling activities, others use their knowledge about local marine life and supply nearby restaurants with fish.


Learn more about this island through the video below:


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