The Tulip Fields in Holland are a Spectacular Sight to See …WOW

The Tulip Fields in Holland are a Spectacular Sight to See …WOW

Holland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. However, even if the country has more to offer up its sleeves, it is best known for its fields and tulip fields.

Holland and Its Flowers

The yellow, pink, and bright red colors of the flowering tulip bulbs are truly astonishing. This amazing sight is something that everyone should really experience and it’s available in Holland during the spring.

Flower Fields Season

The flowers in these bulb fields bloom from the end of March until the second week of May. However, the precise period is still completely dependent on the weather. A lot would agree though that these flowers can be seen at their finest during the second half of April.

The crocus season begins at the end of March. From the start of April, the early and tiny tulips and vibrant daffodils are up next. The hyacinths and more daffodils starts to bloom starting mid-April. Also during this time, until the first week in May, the tulips usually show off their extravagant colors.

So, below we give you more stunning photos of tulip fields:

Look at this enchanting scenery. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded with such beautiful flowers?


It looks like a man-made Rainbow.





Pretty amazing right? This is the beauty of nature at its finest. These tulip fields are like colorful tapestries woven right before our very eyes, that we can’t help but say they are among Mother Earth’s great works of art.

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