Here are the Most Ridiculous Marriage Proposals

Here are the Most Ridiculous Marriage Proposals

Marriage proposals always come in an extra special bundle of sweetness. A guy kneels down in front of the girl and pops the life-changing question while holding a ring in one hand, and the girl gets teary-eyed and could hardly say a word before she finally manages to say yes. Typical, sweet proposal.

But some people just have their own way of proposing that others often find neither cute nor sweet but rather trashy. Here are sixteen random proposals that will make you look away.

Too many choices, too many reasons to get your girlfriend running for safety.

Taco Bell Marriage Proposal marriage

A ring in a Mac


This couple perhaps loves to chew tobacco.

My hometown y'all marriage

The ring or the cash?


Proposing at a grocery store’s parking lot. Great way to ask someone to be your other half.




I’ll marry you—your tattoos and all.

Trashy.... read the comments

Can I keep you in a Grizzly tin can for as long as I live?

Our kids be our witness.

I’ll love you whether prices roll in and roll back.

Well fellas this guy just "rolled back" the bar on marriage proposals....

Keep the tags to your friends, please.



A proposal on a random grocery day

This is why I'm embarrassed to say I'm from Oklahoma. She really found this romantic.

Divorce first, then proposal.

A genuine Facebook proposal

This proposal is way to Kool!

One good reason you should never propose while naked. (Getting the right address also helps.)


Photobombers attack!




Make sure you wash her car after she says yes.


Hope you had a good laugh with these trashy ones. But here’s something for real:

Is She the One? Unique Marriage Proposals to Seal the Deal


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