Identical Twins That Share EVERYTHING …Including Boyfriend

Identical Twins That Share EVERYTHING …Including Boyfriend

Twins Amy and Becky Glass share everything from their Facebook profile, mobile phone, business, office, bedroom, and even a boyfriend.

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The siblings are extremely close. So much so that they haven’t spent more than 30 minutes apart in 15 years. They like to make sure they are mirror images of each other, so the 46-year-old identical twins dress in similar outfits with only different colors.

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To make sure that they have the same body shape, they measure out each meal and eat the same amount of bites as the other twin. Becky explains, “It’s really like we’re one person in two bodies. We go bite for bite, and we warn each other when the last bite will be so we know when the other is full.”


Amy added, “If Becky doesn’t want dessert, I won’t have it. We either talk each other into it or out of it. At one point, I weighed a little bit more than Becky, so people would say that I was the bigger twin and we hated it. We decided to go on diets and we have both weighed the same weight ever since.”

In 1993,  the female twins met their ex-boyfriend Chris at a party.

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They dated at the same time. All three of them would go out for dates. Chris also had intimate relations with both of the girls. They say they were never jealous of each other during that period because Chris would not choose between them.

Neither of the twins have been on a date alone in over ten years. They have decided against getting married and having children.

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They have thought about adopting a child and raising it together, but they did not pursue that plan. They say they like to travel and having a child is too big of a responsibility.

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