Unique Motorcycle Designs that Will Make you Look Twice

Unique Motorcycle Designs that Will Make you Look Twice


There is something about motorcycles that pique our spirit of adventures. These magnificent and efficient machines command attention that they make us stop so that we can admire their beauty.

Let us take a look at the cool, the fascinating, the weird, the unusual, and the “head-scratching” designs for motorcycles.

Enter the Wild, the Wonderful and the Downright Hilarious Motorcycle Designs.

Predator Bike

The “Bomb Shell Bike” – Literally!

StarTrike: Boldly go where no has gone before!

Toys for Big Boys!

The Rocket Bike!

World Tallest Bike?

48 cylinder machine, the bike works too!

The Panzerbike, an engine from a Russian T55 tank & sidecar made from casing of a Soviet missile, from Germany! (weighs at just under five tons)

War bike! Inspired by WWII.

Back to the Future (left) & The Dark Knight (right):




Skeleton bikes by Jud Turner, John Farr and others:

Bikes with bodies made from junk:

Imme (Germany), with a single side suspension:

The Laverda sidecar bike:

“Anaconda” – The bike’s answer to limousines!


The Jaguar motorcycle, not made by Jaguar!

The Allmond Rocket motorcycle from Roger Allmond,  (left) and another unusual design from Japan (right):

Killinger Freund bike:

Arlen Ness’s Concept Bikes:

The Magic Tricycle:





The 4-wheeled motorcycle:

And finally, here is perhaps the weirdest vintage bike of all – this one includes a sewing machine!

The first motorcycle was designed and built in Germany in 1885:

Fabrique Nationale de Herstal, a Belgian manufacturer of firearms, also made motorcycles from 1901 to 1967. This one is from 1913:

1913 Garelli (left) and the Evans Power Cycle (right), from 1919:

The Megola from 1920:

Indian Scout from 1928:

French-made Majestic, 1929:

A Danish military in the 1930’s:


The Sokol 1000 for the Polish military in the 1930’s:




Brough Superior, England from 1919 until 1940.

WW2-period 1936 BMW Schneekrad :

Motorcycle prototype from 1937:

The NSU Sportmax motorcycle, the winner in the 250 cc class in the Grand Prix Season of 1955:


 Moto Guzzi 500 cc V8 race bike was seen on the world’s high-speed racetracks from 1955 to 1957.

A tank motorcycle:

The Vespa 150 TAP:

The hubless wheel:

Icare concept (left) and Swordfish bike concept (right):







Ferrari V4 Motorcycle concept (left); Speed Racer motorcycle (right):

Hubless wheels:

Rats & Kustoms:

The biggest motorcycle on the planet may actually be this one.


Iceman II

Harley Davidson and limousine combination?

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Bikes:

The Gunbus

FuturA by Mario Malagrino (left) & Adrian Baluta’s Darklight (right):


The Akira concept bike:



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