Unique Nail Art Designs That Tell The Story About You

Unique Nail Art Designs That Tell The Story About You

Nail art design is growing by leaps and bounds with the influx of more talented and creative artists, and these unique nail art designs have become one of the hottest trending topics. Our story of nails starts with our lists of some of the most uniquely created nails.  They’re not just beautiful; they also carry with them a story that’s worth telling . . . by nail.

To kick it off, we give you a love story

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Have you ever thought of illustrating your love story on all your nails? If you haven’t here’s an intricate work showing how it looks like.

A clever summary of Cinderella using 10 fingers

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Got a favorite Disney princess or Disney flick? Show that fandom by having it illustrated on all your nails! Not only does it retell a nostalgic story, it can also boast a pleasing color scheme.

It’s not the complete story, but it has retained the meaning



Illustrate the plot of a story in just two contrasting colors that best represent it and see how gorgeous it appears. This hand carries the story of the nativity wherever she goes.

The possessed nail art

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Enough with mushy stories. Have you ever considered designing your nails with a horror story? Didn’t think so. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but bloody nails, vampire-themed nails, and witchy nails also look sexy! It all depends on how it’s pulled off.

Give way to the super cute designs

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Animal lovers are growing in numbers today, and we have the internet to thank for that. Show your love for the animal kingdom or the wild by sporting adorable pet-themed nails to carry that love with you wherever you are.

Jurassic Park

[media-credit name=”naileditnz” link=”//naileditnz.tumblr.com” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″][/media-credit]

Nothing beats a mix of sci-fi and speculative fiction that results to a memorable thriller. If you’re not into Jurassic Park, we just mentioned three well-loved genres, so take your pick and bring that love to your nails.


A handy-dandy dandelion

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Dandelions are so soft and gentle to look at that they’ve become popular on wallpapers through the years. People also wish on them, so the flower has a metaphorical meaning behind it. However, dandelions aren’t the only calming flowers in the world of flora. Imagine a floral set of nails in vintage or Havana colors. You’ll be sold.


The glow-in-the-dark dragon slayer nail art

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If you can’t get enough of your love for historical fantasy and romance, have it painted on your nails! Use glow-in-the-dark polish to enchant yourself in the dark and feel like a mage in transition. The subthemes are endless.


Even The Flash isn’t above the law

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The humor in superhero movies never gets old. It doesn’t matter if you’re Team Marvel or Team DC; you’re welcome to have your favorite stories or characters painted on your nails.

A reflection of what beauty really is

[media-credit name=”lacqlustre” link=”//www.lacqlustre.com” align=”aligncenter” width=”641″][/media-credit]

Humans have never gotten over the beauty of women through history. With contemporary sensibilities encouraging self-love, women empowerment, and body positivity, it’s never a bad idea to depict this concept in nail art. Don’t forget to use a color scheme that embodies it.

Your friendly extraterrestrial neighbor

We know the die-hard sci-fi fans among you found the Jurassic Park example too weak for your taste. So here’s an iconic and nostalgic pick for you extraterrestrial enthusiasts out there.

There’s a whole bunch of other designs out there and you can either make one for yourself or get a nail artist to do one for you. It’s time you get yourself a nail that’s literally a piece of art and a piece of you.




Check out videos below.

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