Watch What Happens when Coca Cola Can and Lava Meets

Watch What Happens when Coca Cola Can and Lava Meets


Ever wonder what happens when a can of Coca Cola or a Ravioli gets in contact with a molten lava? You might be thinking about explosion of dumplings in the air or an outbreak of soda creating a magnificent fountain, but truthfully it’s not what you think it is.

Lavapix by Bryan Lowry made an experiment of how tin cans react with molten lava. He used his Nikon D800 and GoPro Hero 6 to capture a can of Coca Cola placed in the path of a flowing lava in Hawaii at a 2,000 degree temperature. The first can of Coke had a tiny hole on top to prevent it from exploding. The second Coca Cola can was sealed but when the lava started to cover the can, it leaked in the lower side and eventually melted just like what happened to the first can.




The test garnered more than 20 million views as of this writing.

Because the Coke experiment did not live up to what was expected, another test was done and this time, using a Monster Energy drink. Fairly so, when the lava reached the can, it began to compress and exploded, in a reasonably dramatic way.

If the Coke or Monster Drink experiment disappointed you, the Ravioli can might compensate the setback caused by your favorite drinks. Watch the full video below and  watch what happens when the lava totally wrapped up the can.





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