A Waterproof Pool Table: The Ultimate Summertime Game

A Waterproof Pool Table: The Ultimate Summertime Game

Time to play Pool in the Pool…

Pool tables are a must for any bachelor pad, and while most of the time we are looking for a place inside the home to situate the table, this waterproof pool table lets you plant your billiards setup right in the middle of the swimming pool.

Sure the concept may be a bit unusual, but think about it. What’s better than hanging poolside with a cold beer? Try sipping on a beer in the pool, while playing pool. It’s a match made in heaven. The entire pool table is completely waterproof, and while the photo shows the table submerged under water, it can really be custom built anywhere you’d like outdoors.

It’s just not swimming if I can’t work in a few laps and then hustle some kids out of their allowances when I run a table in Eight Ball. Swimming and billiards are such obvious companions.

The most common question that comes to mind when you see a pool table submerged in a body of water is, “But how long will it last?!” Well, don’t worry about that! The CEO of “All Weather Billiards and Pool Tables” made a statement about the shelf life of his awesome products. He says:

“There were not a lot of records to go by.  There was no database to follow up with. So much of what I had to go on was the seller’s words and my own inspection of the quality and design of the tables.  It has been customers that call in just to order a new cover, or maybe add the ping pong conversion top that gives me 110% confidence that our outdoor tables are solid.

So whether it is the Wagners in Colorado or the Fitzpatricks in Rhode Island, I am getting great feedback.  And after two years of owning All Weather Billiards I have received Not One. No, Not One Complaint about the quality or durability of our products.

-Robbie Selby

Waterproof Pool Table 2

Waterproof Pool Table 3

And with a price tag of $6,500.00, can’t believe there are swimming pools without it…




Check out the video below to know the things to consider in buying a pool table.


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