Woman Wanted Her Complete Family in Wedding Photo  …See How She Included Her Deceased Son

Woman Wanted Her Complete Family in Wedding Photo …See How She Included Her Deceased Son

Wedding photos are something every family cherishes forever. Including all your family and loved ones is one way of sharing your joy in the grand occasion. This family however, found a very unique way to include their deceased son in their wedding photographs.



They are not parted by death. Anna Bozman Thompson from Atlanta lost her son Lake just weeks before his ninth birthday. When Thompson married her long-time boyfriend, she knew the ceremony would not be complete without Lake.


The photographer and bride’s friend Brandy Angel edited the photos to include Lake in the images.







The photo was shared on the Prayers for Lake Bozman Facebook page, and it received over 2,000 likes and 200 comments.









Angel met the family through her nonprofit organization called Be the Change: Brandy Angel Foundation, which takes pictures of families with children who have incurable cancers.




Thompson was very specific about how she wanted the photos to come out, and Angel and photographer Paul Woodward made her wish come true. In the photo, you can see a light beside the bride in the field, and it never changed shape or color.


When Thompson was told about the appearance of the light, she said, “I told you my baby would show up.”

The photos caused a lot of anxiety because it was the first family photos without Lake. It was a highly emotional ordeal, but having Lake in the pictures reunited the family once again. Thompson said, “I needed this picture more than she or anyone could ever know. This is my family.”




Watch videos of Lake Bozman below.

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