This is the World’s Most Dangerous Zoo …You Will Be Shocked to Find Out why

This is the World’s Most Dangerous Zoo …You Will Be Shocked to Find Out why

Have you heard of a zoo that lets people interact with dangerous animals? That’s just wrong, right? Well, one like this actually exists. Welcome to Lujan Zoo, where you can go nose-to-nose with a lion and hug a full-grown bear.



This is how visitors feed the bears.


Guests get to take selfies with lions.

Lujan Zoo, located near Buenos Aires in Argentina, gives its guests a chance to take selfies with lions. No zoo in the world offers this kind of attraction that’s why many tourists go to the zoo to have that once-in-a-lifetime selfie.


Guaranteed Safety

According to the zoo, most of the animals are born in human captivity, and all of them are already used to humans that’s why they don’t feel threatened. The animals are fed before they meet the public.

When the zoo opened in 1994, it housed a pair of lions, a monkey, and several grazers. But now the zoo has a total of 400 different animals including tigers, lions, and bears.

Lujan City and Zoo: 6-Hour Tour from Buenos Aires

Take a look inside.

Tourists can walk right into the cage with the lions for about $50.


Gentle Babies

Children are only allowed to get close to baby animals.




Gentle Training

The animals have received proper and gentle training from the zoo officials for them to be able to become used to people and cameras.


Shocking News

Illegal Activity

The Argentine law prohibits direct animal contact with the public that’s why the zoo is declared illegal, according to officials. Despite the accusations, people still flock the zoo, in the hope to get a nose-to-nose with a lion.


Rally Against the Zoo

In December 2014, a group in Facebook gathered over 6,000 members to shut down the zoo for using drugs on the animals.


Many visitors are still convinced that the animals are being drugged despite the zoo’s claim that they’re just trained.

After the zoo posted photos like the ones above in social media, animal activists launched a campaign against the zoo.

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