He Rigged Up A Tent And Spent The Night On The Side Of A Cliff …OMG!


Have you imagined yourself sleeping while hanging from a side of a cliff? I bet you haven’t because the idea itself is terrifying enough. Only extreme people do that kind of thing. But it is actually feasible, and this is what they call portaledge camping.

Here are some of the places that you can visit anytime and try a whole new kind of camping.


The Dawn Wall, Yosemite

It took nineteen days for Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson to climb the Dawn Wall to get to the top of El Capitan and made history by becoming the first free climbers to scale the wall.


Moonlight Buttress, Utah

An amazing sunrise awaits you if you camp on the eastern rock face of Moonlight Buttress located in Zion National Park in Utah.


El Capitan


El Capitan is the favorite of climbers all over the world because of the huge rock formation and distinctive features of Yosemite. An amazing view of the park awaits you if you hang your portaledge tent off El Capitan.


Looking Glass Mountain, North California


A remarkable view awaits you  if you hang your portaledge tent off the side cliff when Looking in the Glass Mountain, North California.


Anglesey, Whales

Some guests pay huge amount of money just to stay at the portaledge hotel in Anglesey, Whales.




Elk, California

This could be the most romantic thing you could do with your girl: chilling in a portaledge tent that’s hanging from a tree with the best view of sunset. They also offer tree-boat beds that come with blankets, pillows, and mosquito net.


Chamonix, France

Chamonix is a famous resort town in France well-known for skiing and other winter activities. Instead of staying in a fancy resort, camp on the side cliff of a mountain and enjoy the sight of a breathtaking view.


Meru Peak, India


Hanging off the edge of Meru Peak might be a dangerous idea, but climbers still go here because it is said that the Indian Himalayas is the center of the universe.


Baffin Island, Canada

The extremely cold weather of Baffin Island makes camping and climbing dangerous, but climbers still take the risk because of the stunning scenery.


Moab, Utah

In the Utah desert, eleven brave men worked for twenty-four hours to hang up a tent elevated at 420 feet. This is extremely dangerous, yet they managed to hang the tent safely and fulfilled their wishes to sleep high above the ground.


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