15 Amazing Facts about Sugar

15 Amazing Facts about Sugar


While sugar is the main suspect for obesity and diabetes, it is also one of the best secrets people use to cure common health disorders and other health concerns. But what makes sugar so irresistible? How much sugar do you need to take to keep your body healthy and sound? What are the mysteries that surround this sweet flavored carbo throughout the history of mankind?

Before you stick to your diet and go sugar-free or give in to the craving of your sweet tooth, find out some amazing facts about sugar that would totally help you control your sweet cravings.

A spoonful of sugar can stop hiccups

You should have listened to your granny, they know about this.

People with low blood sugar tends to get angry easily

If you want your relationship to last, you better watch your sugar level.

Sugar heals the wound faster

African tribes used to rub sugar into their wounds to treat their wounds.

Humans are born craving sugar

Who’s surprise?

50% of Nutella’s ingredients is sugar

No wonder they taste so delicious.




Brown sugar is a white sugar with added molasses

Therefore it is definitely false when you said brown sugar is healthier than white ones.

A teaspoon of sugar can kill the burning sensation when eating spicy food

That explains why desserts are served last.

Aztec Tribes used spices to flavor chocolates

Thankfully, someone discovered sugar along the way so we don’t have to eat chocolates with chili peppers.

Food labeled as “sugar-free’ or “diet” have sugar substitutes instead

And latest studies show regular soda is better than diet ones because of these hazardous substitutes.

Too much sugar can cause saggy skin since it attracts collagen proteins

If you want to take care of your skin, you need to control your sweet tooth.




Popcorn rose to fame during The Great Depression when there was heavy shortage of sugar

Sugar was sent overseas to the military while salt and kernel were abundant during WW II, thus popcorn was born to provide food for people who went to theatres and get entertained.

Urine from a diabetic person with high level of sugar can be turned into whisky

Now you know where to get some whiskeys if you are running out of whiskey, and money to buy one.

Beets can be made into sugar

Heard of sugar beets? Beets became one of the major sources of sugar in the 19th century.

Pregnant women who loves to eat sugar food are more likely to have a male child

This is a great tip for moms-to-be out there.

According to World Health Organization, the recommended daily sugar intake is 25 grams

That is equivalent to one Snicker bar a day.




Check out more facts about sugar below.


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