18 Outrageous T-Shirt Designs

18 Outrageous T-Shirt Designs


Human creativity comes in big and small packages. While some create breakthrough technologies changing human lives like never before, others show their creativity with arts and crafts. Sometimes though, human imagination can be too odd and ridiculous.

For the sake of humor, and creativity, we have compiled 18 t-shirt designs that are ridiculously cool and outrageous.

A Bloody See-Through Shirt

crazy t-shart design (4)

Baby Face

crazy t-shart design (2)

Belly-Crushing Shirt

crazy t-shart design (7)

Look into My Eyes

It’s All in the Accessories

crazy t-shart design (11)





Who Needs a Lighter?

crazy design (4)

Road That Leads You Home

crazy t-shart design (12)

Hiding from the Paparazzi?

crazy t-shart design (5)

No Need for an Ultrasound

crazy t-shart design (6)

Keep Looking, Michelangelo

crazy design (3)




Just Got a Close Encounter with the Tigers

crazy design (1)

Looking for a Sparring Partner

The Future Einstein

Losing Too Much Blood Dude?

You Sexy Lady




If You Have It, Flaunt It

In Memory of Leonard Nimoy

Can Somebody Please Hung A “Do Not Disturb” Sign?


Watch the videos below and learn how to design your own t-shirt.


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