15 Dumbest Facebook Posts from Guys

15 Dumbest Facebook Posts from Guys

You’ve seen a lot of dumb posts in Facebook from all the crazy girls in the world, but guys are as crazy as girls when it comes to Facebook. Need proof? Scroll down below:

That is one huge ‘syringe’ there

That is a really smart idea!

Illuminati is everywhere, be very scared!

Have you checked on your brains lately?

Do they have cellphone during Stone Ages too?




We can’t figure out what the problem is, his eyes or with his fingers

Anyone knows what “FOOR” means?

Here it is, sheriff

An epic breakup is coming up

From which angle?




South US, England and Antarctica are continents since when?

That’s quite a relief, now go ahead and sleep with tigers

So where is the school exactly?

She surely knows more than you do

Yes, you are




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