These 30 People are Having a Very Bad Day, Check Out Why

These 30 People are Having a Very Bad Day, Check Out Why

Bad days come and go. Some arrive at the worst possible moments like when you are too late for work or school or when you have stayed awake all night and you badly need some rest. Always remember that every time you walk out the door, anything might happen to you. That’s just how fate is — it plays dirty. When it spots you as its next victim, hold onto your dear life.

Here are 41 people who should have decided to stay at home and creep to the sweet comfort of their beds. Their misfortunes will entertain us.

Stuck in bus — literally!

This poor commuter wanted to hop off the bus, but she’s going to have to wait until the next stop to get out after all.

Skipped order

Next in Line? Nope.

What a horrible day to remember

The funniest part of this is that it could’ve only happened when he accelerated. Did he not know there was a boxed corpse in the back?

“Let’s park our car in the middle of the pool”

The car wasn’t invited to the pool party, but that wasn’t going to stop it, apparently.

Apparently, they are not amused anymore

These folks stuck on a ride aren’t as amused as they expected to be at their favorite amusement park.




“Shh, it’s okay dude. It’s just a little chili”


Guess this guy is in a hurry

Got Dressed in the Dark

The wrong way to use a crane

Again, just because this crane operator can raise his rig hundreds of feet up doesn’t mean he should.

Never mess with a hippo

I don’t think now is a good time to tell this man that hippos can run almost 20 miles per hour.

Still think that lanyard is a good idea?

Still Think That Lanyard Is a Good Idea?




Just don’t pour a bucket of alcohol on him, and he is okay

It looks like this trespasser was punished by the very land he was trespassing on.

Watch out for deer! Too late.

This isn’t going to end well for anybody. At least the motorcyclist has a helmet, though.

A great way to start your day!

Gonna Be a Good Day?

This is definitely not how you change tires

We’re pretty sure these mechanics aren’t going to a turn a profit from these customers.

Have paint in the back of your car? It will be a shame if it exploded like hell in your car!

Seriously, people. Make sure it’s sealed! How is this not obvious?




Truck vs Physics

This truck driver is learning a hard lesson: Just because it can fit in the back of your dump truck doesn’t mean it should.

Uh, dude. . . You must jump the hurdles, not hit it with your face

The Opposite of Hurdling

I feel bad for her

Don’t worry about this last one too much. She’s wasn’t left at the altar. She’s having a rough time, for sure, but it’s her new husband snapping the picture. She just might have had a bit too much to drink.I’m sure they laugh about it by now.

Just a little bit further. . .

Learning to Let Go

Is it just me, or is this scale trying to tell me that I’m too fat already?

What’s This Scale Trying to Say?




The problem of having little kids on the house

Please Let That Be a Whiteboard Marker

Let’s see where he lands

Not Going to Make It

Good news is that she’s wearing red also

Oh well. At least it will match her jacket…

“Hello? Yeah we have a problem.”

How in the world this boat got so unbalanced we have no idea.

He has angered the queen of bees

Let’s hope the best for this guy and assume he has a gallon or two of Raid on hand. Hopefully, it’s not in his car.



Broken key is never fun

About to Make Friends with the Locksmith

Let’s just park it right here. . . aaaaand it’s stuck!

Sometimes the signs telling you not to travel a particular road aren’t just bureaucratic malarkey. Sometime “No Through Traffic” literally means…”No Through Traffic.”

A fold-out bed trying to eat it’s owner

Rebellious Fold-out Bed

Better watch out for potholes

Watch Out for Potholes

Just a little spill

It’s foolish to drive with open containers of alcohol. This applies to paint, too. For different reasons, of course.




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