Celebrity Bodyguards Who Became as Famous as Their Bosses

Celebrity Bodyguards Who Became as Famous as Their Bosses


When you see your favorite star, what do you do first? Grab their hand, perhaps. Some even go as far as running toward their idol and hugging them. But some could get crazier than that. Remember John Hinckley who attempted to assassinate the president, trying to imitate a character in Taxi Driver, movie of his ultimate idol, Jodie Foster—all to get her attention. And in 1999, a young fan of Brad Pitt sneaked into his house, slept in there, and wore his sweatshirt. Want to hear more? Because I might just tell you about a fan of a South Korean band who broke into the group’s apartment and pooped on the door because “she wants to be remembered.”

Like Brad Pitt’s and Jodie Foster’s fans, any celebrity’s “worshippers” can get obsessed to the point of invading these stars’ privacy and hurting them. These celebrities are just humans like us and can get mad. But to protect their image, they try not to. But if they don’t, fans can get way too harsh. So what they do? They hire bodyguards.

Some of celebrities’ bodyguards, though, have been shared with their bosses’ fame that they too have built a fanbase. Here are some of the most famous bodyguards the entertainment industry has met, listed by the name of their celebrity boss.

Jennifer Lawrence

Before the hot guy pictured above, another bodyguard of Jennifer, Justin Riblet, didn’t escape the eyes of fans and paparazzi. Seems like in terms of making choices, Jennifer learned a lot from The Hunger Games.

December 2014.

Lady Gaga

December 2014.

That’s Peter van der Veen, Lady Gaga‘s hot bodyguard who comes from Holland. The singer’s Little Monsters call him Pete.

Kristen Stewart

November 2014.

Kristen Stewart's hunky bodyguard has been spotted protecting the 25-year-old actress for quite some time now and he even has an entire Facebook page dedicated to his man beauty!

The Twilight star’s Twihards have to be stopped from grabbing Kristen Stewart, so the actress hired a bodyguard. Turns out, it’s now her bodyguard, JB, who’s chased after . . . because fans say that he’s ridiculously hot. He even has his own fansite.

Britney Spears

October 2014.

When you have little ones to protect, a bodyguard is a must-have! Britney Spears' hunky body guard has been seen protecting the singer on shopping outings (like this one), on hiking trips and even while out having a day of family fun.




Selena Gomez

January 2014.

Penelope Cruz

May 2011.

Katy Perry

September 2010.

Katie Holmes

April 2010.

Mary J. Blige


Justin Bieber

November 2012.


If there's any bodyguard that wins for being as good looking as he is good at his job, it goes to Beyonce's bodyguard Julius de Boer. The famed guard has been protecting Queen Bey since 2008 accompanying her from small trips to the airport to major events like the Vanity Fair Oscar's afterparty. When things get too crazy, Jay-Z sometimes steps in as a second guard too!

Queen Bey’s bodyguard Julius de Boer has been through tough times, including when he was pushed by a paparazzi. And people can’t help but be sorry, but the fact that you’re protecting a big star is known to be a really hard job, so the dud just got to keep calm.

Heidi Klum

From bodyguard to boyfriend! Back in 2011 when model Heidi Klum was still married to then-husband Seal, their bodyguard Martin Kristen was always there to protect. After Klum and Seal ended their relationship, Kristen quickly made a move at the blond beauty and the two became an item shortly after. Unfortunately, the ended both their personal and professional relationship back in 2014.

Well, to be around someone breathtakingly gorgeous isn’t an easy task. It needs you to keep people away from raging fans and from yourself. Heidi Klum‘s bodyguard Martin Kristen did the first job but not the second. He fell in love with Heidi, and the two became an item eventually. They ended their relationship in 2014 though.




Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift is notorious for having an entire entourage of bodyguards, drivers and security detail, her bodyguard back in December surly caught our eye! While he might look very angry in every photo (hey, it's a tough job!), he still manages to impress.

Angelina Jolie

The Jolie/Pitt family is full of bodyguards from the ones watching over them, their children and even their internet! Angelina is notorious for going through bodyguards, especially good looking ones like this hunk that escorted her through LAX back in January.

While Angelina Jolie is busy with taking care of her children, she has time to spare in finding the hottest bodyguard in town. She made quite an excellent choice with this dude.

While celebrities are known for being picky with dresses, they sure are picky when it comes to the people who are set to protect them. Jennifer Lawrence’s bodyguard alone would prove that true. But there are more bodyguards that made a name too, not just physically. Here are some of them.

Michael Clarke Duncan

Duncan was a bouncer and later became a bodybuilder, but he was also known to be the bodyguard of American rapper Notorious B.I.G. He later then quit bodyguarding and ended up taking roles. He was most known for his breakout role in The Green Mile, which earned him an Oscar nomination.

Mr. T

Mr. T has become a known American actor and played significant roles in The A-Team, a 1980 television series. He was also known for his role in the reality show I Pity the Fool. But before he became famous, Mr. T worked as a bodyguard for famous people, including the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, King of Pop Michael Jackson, Steve McQueen, and Diana Ross.

Terry Crews

Now an actor and a former football player, Terry Crews was once a bodyguard before he rose to fame. He was hired as a bodyguard by rapper Ice Cube. Now Crews has become as popular as being cast as part of The Expendables.

Chuck Zito

You can call him an actor (Homefront and Reach Me), martial artist stunt man, and everything, but this guy also did a job you wouldn’t think he would. Chuck Zito, or Charles Carmine Zito Jr. in real life, also bodyguarded famous personalities like Robert Conrad, Lorna Luft, and Liza Minnelli.

Jesse Ventura

If you are a true fan of the English rock band The Rolling Stones, then you must have heard about their bodyguard Jesse Ventura. But this bodyguard did not only end up bodyguarding the band all his life. He became an actor, wrestler, and  a governor. Jesse Ventura was the first and only member of the Reform Party to have won a major government position.




Rashawn Davis

 Famous for a starring role in his own show Ron and Big, Rashawn Davis started as a celebrity bodyguard and came back doing the same job later on.

Mykola Melnychenko

This dude is quite controversial, more controversial than Justin Bieber’s bodyguard who made headlines after assaulting a photographer. Mykola Melnychenko was the bodyguard of Leonid Kuchma, president of Ukraine. During his service for the president, he recorded Kuchma’s conversations and released it to the public and fled the country. With these records, it came out that Kuchma ordered the kidnapping and murder of Georgiy Gongadze, a journalist. It was also revealed that the then president was selling illegal arms to Iraq. This convicted Kuchma, and he was sent to the United Stated and received political asylum.

Brodus Clay


Started as the bodyguard of actor and rapper Snoop Dogg for four years, Brodus Clay built a career as a professional wrestler with a contract under the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

The Big Boom


If you see a book that is entitled If You Want Closure in Your Relationship, Start with Your Legs, wouldn’t you get curious who wrote it? There’s no need to Google it. We’ll tell you it’s Big Boom. This author was also a pimp, literally. But he was also a celebrity guard to some famous names. Why he’s named Big Boom, that’s up to you to figure out.

Bernard Shaw


When a famous heiress is kidnapped, her family would automatically hire someone to keep her guarded. Patricia Hearst ended up living her daily life beside her bodyguard Bernard Shaw. What happened was they eventually became a couple.

Barry Mannakee


If you want to live a fairy-tale life and feel like a knight in shining armor, there’s no better way to do it but to be a princess’s bodyguard. Barry Mannakee did just that as he was assigned to be the bodyguard of Diana, Princess of Wales. Mannakee grew so close to the princess that she turned to him whenever she was feeling lonely. People even grew suspicious of his relationship to the princess and thought that they had a romantic relationship, but both were quick to deny the rumors.

Anna Loginova

Perhaps the only female in this list, the this spot is well-deserved by Anna Loginova. She was famous for being a top-notch female security guard and a model. She even ran a security company and trained female bodyguards, hired to protect Moscow billionaires and their wives and mistresses. She was killed in a car jacking incident.

Andrei Lugovoi


Now a politician, Andrey Lugovoy started as a bodyguard and head of the security firm Ninth Wave. He also founded his own private security company and was once the head of security for the television company ORT.

Nasser al-Bahri


Last but definitely not the least is the bodyguard of al-Qaeda founder, Osama bin Laden, Nasser al-Bahri. He worked for bin Laden for several years and fought several wars during his service. He was jailed for two years. He was freed by the judge who handled his case. He is currently on the go to prove that he has completely turned over a new leaf as he works now as a business consultant.

Protecting someone is not an easy job, especially in a world where it is even hard to protect yourself. May their boss be a celebrity or a politician or an ordinary person who just wants to feel safe, they play a very important role in these people’s lives. They weren’t paid to stand beside them, but they are there to take care of their boss, physically and emotionally.




Check out this video below to know more famous bodyguards.


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