This is the Most Incredible Base Jumping Site Ever

This is the Most Incredible Base Jumping Site Ever

The Ionian Sea, with its Incredible crystal clear waters and dense environs, is home to beautiful islands. Zakynthos Island is one of them. It’s the third-largest island in the Eptanisa complex and is situated on the west coast of Greece, dubbed by Venetians as the “Flower of the East”. The island flaunts of sandy, white beaches, and distinct natural beauty. It is also a haven for the endangered Caretta caretta sea turtles due to the fact that it is their prime nesting area.

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Navagio beach, situated on the northwest shore of Zakynthos island, is an exposed, isolated cove. The name came from a shipwrecked smuggler, whose ship was destroyed because of engine failure and unfavorable weather aspects.  It was washed ashore in 1981. The small, but gorgeous beach, has astounding emerald waters, white, soft sands, and is outlined by colossal vertical limestone cliffs.

Navagio Beach - Base Jumps


BASE jumpers, along with thousands of visitors who are entranced by the breathtaking view every summer, have discovered their own sanctuary. The jump-off point is located on the edge of a high cliff, which caps the bay at 656 ft/200 m height and can be accessed by car. You have about two to five seconds before deploying your parachute after you jump, then land safely on the soft and sandy beach. While free falling in this marvelous spot, the scenery and the thrill of the fall will surely leave you breathless.

"BASE Jumping at Navagio Beach"

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BASE Jumping at Navagio Beach

Most Incredible Basejump Site - Navagio Beach (Greece)

Most Incredible Basejump Site - Navagio Beach (Greece)

For a couple of years, Navagio beach has transformed into a meeting place for enthusiasts of the sport and it also hosts the Summer Base Jump Boogie event, where the finest athletes from around the world make over 300 jumps within five days. The most appropriate season to visit the spot is from May to late September, but prior to that, you should check the weather first as well as the wind conditions in the vicinity.

Bear in mind that the island is not fully equipped with rescue personnel or gear shops, so you better be prepared to bring along some climbing ropes. For those who want to take a dip and bathe under the hot sun, the beach is remote and can only be reached by boat from Agios Ioannis harbor. If you’re a base jumper, however, then that shouldn’t be a problem for you because you can just jump right from the cliff and land on the beach.


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