Bed Theaters: The Ultimate Form of Comfort and Relaxation

Bed Theaters: The Ultimate Form of Comfort and Relaxation

The smell of buttered popcorn while watching a movie marathon cuddled up in bed is a perfect way to spend your weekend nights. It just sucks when you really want to watch the new film, and it isn’t out on the Web or there isn’t a DVD copy yet.

Then you think about actually going to the movie theater, and those seats come across your mind, so you just compromise with watching old movies that you have seen countless times before while in the sweet comfort of your bed and sheets.

1.  Greece Bed Theater

A few years ago,  Parisian music hall in Olympia had hosted a  movie screening where a lucky selected few enjoyed the entire film while lying in beds from Ikea. This is to promote a Swedish company’s new line-up of mattresses.

Truly a dream come true for us, huh?

However, this was just a one-time deal only. But don’t sulk just yet, because all over the world, there are really theaters that installed beds inside for the cozy viewing pleasure of the movie-goers.

2.  Paragon Cineplex, Thailand

In Thailand, the Paragon Cineplex inside the Siam Paragon mall offers theater beds for the movie enthusiasts to relax on while viewing.

They also serve a complementary glass of alcohol, in addition to appetizers and popcorn. You don’t have to get up of your seats as the waitstaff will bring you everything that you need.

For a price of 3,000 baht ($91), your movie-going experience will be surely fun and relaxing.




3.  Beanie Cinemas, India

Meanwhile in Malaysia, they have their own bed-like seating, but they have a different idea in mind. Instead of using conventional beds, Beanie chain of cinemas offer beanbag seats.

Couples are welcome to snuggle in the beanbag chairs while enjoying the movie. Contrary to the regular theaters which have small spaces, this theater allows a leg room of two meters, which allows maximum relaxation.

4.  Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta, Indonesia

Blitz Megaplex boasts their “velvet seatings”, which are basically sofa beds with conventional tables for your treats. This theater is popular for couples who want to watch a movie while chilling out like it was their home.

The price, however, reaches four-times the regular cost of normal seats, but it was worth a try.

5.  Electric Cinema, England

In Electric Cinema, you can choose the coziness from a variety of seats. From a choice of  armchairs, sofas, and beds, you can now watch your much-awaited film while feeling at home.

These chic and comfy beds are situated as the front row seats. Now you can just lie back, and pamper yourself with these bed seats.




Not convinced yet? Watch this video below of a Russian bed theater:

Here are more theaters that prioritizes comfort for the movie-goers all over the world:


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