Dogs Annoying Cats in Hilarious Ways

Dogs Annoying Cats in Hilarious Ways


Who says that cats and dogs cannot get along?




Well let’s face it — dogs are playful, and cats are lazy, but that doesn’t stop them from hanging out together.

Sometimes, cats do not give a damn when it comes to play time.




Dogs just want someone to play with them, but cats easily get annoyed and they shun them away.




Most of the time, these felines want their time for themselves, so when a canine gets cheerful and friendly around them, they slap the hell out of them — their own sweet way of shutting dogs up. They even hiss at these poor dogs who are just trying to make an effort to befriend them.

But when these two creatures get along, the view is so adorable.




Watch this video compilation of dogs trying cats to come around and play:

Now, let us turn the tables.

Cats can also get on the nerves of dogs (maybe, for some revenge). Watch this video of felines annoying their canine friends.


Here is another cat and dog story that is sure to please you: 24 Dogs and Cats that Act Like They are Best Fiends




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