Beyonce Spends $7 Million to Build Housing Complex for the Homeless

Beyonce Spends $7 Million to Build Housing Complex for the Homeless

Singer Beyoncé shells out millions to help build shelter for homeless people in Houston.

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Just short after news came out that she donated a big amount of money to the global campaign Chime for Change, Beyonce has once again raked in headlines for spending millions of bucks to provide shelter for the homeless.


The singer-songwriter, who hails from Houston herself, reportedly spent $7 million on a housing project in her hometown. The houses are built for families around the neighborhood who cannot afford to buy their own house.

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Rev. Rudy Rasmus, Beyonce’s pastor, said that the singer has always been kindhearted, even calling her saint, for all the things she has done for the local church. He said, “She’s an incredible human being, has an incredible heart, and has been extremely helpful in our mission and our ministry here. She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work and I’m glad she’s a friend of mine.”
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Beyonce first launched the housing project in 2007 as a response to the damages caused by the Hurricane Katrina. The complex, which is called Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments, can house up to 43 individuals.

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