Collection of Cute Baby Ducks

Collection of Cute Baby Ducks


Ducks are adorable. You can see them anywhere, especially in flocks, which is usually composed of a mother duck and her ducklings. Some even choose to  get pet as ducks due to their unique qualities that make them lovable.

Below are a compilation of videos featuring these cute little fowls.

In the first video, several ducklings dip into the water for the first time. At first, they were hesistant, but as one got into the little pool, they all joined right in.

Watch the amazing footage below:


Meanwhile, have you seen or heard a duck snore in its sleep?

Watch the adorable video below:





Here is a video of an adorable little duckling as it chases his owner around the house. The sound of pitter patter of its tiny feet are so cute that it will melt your heart. As the day goes by, his owner put him in a basin filled with water, and he enjoyed dipping and bathing in it. After a while, he was blow dried, and he went to sleep while his master pets him.

Watch the video here:





In an another video, a cat took the responsibility of protecting and nurturing three ducklings after its mother is nowhere to be found.

Watch the heartwarming footage here:


Ducks are commonly seen casually strolling in the streets. In this video, a mother duck and his duckling struggle to keep their balance and maintain on their feet as a forceful wind blows them away.





Watch more cute baby ducks here.


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