Daredevil Jumps Out of a Plane at 9,000 ft and Flawlessly Lands on a Trampoline!

Daredevil Jumps Out of a Plane at 9,000 ft and Flawlessly Lands on a Trampoline!

A footage of an insane air stunt is sweeping the Internet by storm. The video shows a man, only known as Travis, jumping out a plane, which was flying 9,000 ft above the ground, without the support of a parachute through a hole of a building and onto a trampoline.

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The video, which was later found out to be a stunt staged by the owners of a new trampoline park, went viral only two days after it was uploaded. A voice over elaborates on the man’s attempt to take a huge leap from a plane without a parachute and perfectly move through a three-by-five-meter hole on a roof.

A revolutionary geomagnetic positioning system that Travis wore on his belt and the strengthened trampolines that absorbed the impact from the jump were believed to be the two things that made the highly implausible stunt possible.

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The small hole in the roof of the building became clearer as the jumper reached the target area.

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At the end of the video, it can be seen that Travis landed safely on the trampoline. One of the engineers behind the stunt said that the natural reaction of the magnet they attached on Travis and the natural magnetism of the earth also helped make the feat successful.

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A crowd is seen cheering in triumph for the success of the unbelievable stunt.

However, online viewers pointed out that it is impossible for a skydiver to be totally unaffected by gravity, and even the explanation given by the engineers sounded foolish. Others said that the footage was just a marketing trick of the brand-new Factor 6 trampoline park in New Orleans.


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