Driver Shocked to Find a 10-Foot Nest of 350,000 Wasps in His Camper-Van!

Driver Shocked to Find a 10-Foot Nest of 350,000 Wasps in His Camper-Van!

Imagine yourself happily cleaning your house but then you end up discovering a terrifying guest. You’d probably have the same reaction as Robert McDougal, who found a 10-foot-long wasps nest inside a camper in South Carolina.

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Robert, who hails from the town of Moncks Corner and works for Hurry Up Towing, was completely oblivious about the wasp nest inside his fold-down camper until he lifted it with a forklift.

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Robert then proceeded to call in pest control, and amazingly enough, he wasn’t stung while sitting perfectly still for 20 minutes as he waited for them to arrive.

Eric McCool of Wildlife Services arrived and took care of the nest. Eric estimated that there were about 350,000 wasps inside the two-foot-tall, seven-foot-wide, and ten-foot-long nest.

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Despite getting stung half a dozen times, McCool was able to remove 37 queens by hand and shared that the experience was quite the rush. He added that he was virtually inside the seemingly humid nest, and it felt like crawling through a lot of cushions.


McCool also refused to use pesticides, even though his colleagues repeatedly suggested him to do so. If it weren’t for his two-career experience, McCool wouldn’t have been able to complete his mission.

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Although Yellow Jacket nests are occasionally huge, the nest is believed to have been one of the largest ever cleared in South Carolina. People are typically more afraid of honey bees; little do they know that the venom of a wasp or a hornet packs quite the punch, and they’re also capable of stinging a person multiple times, giving a whole new meaning to the word “pain.”

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