Level Up the Party with the Skittles Vodka and Cocktail


Skittles candies has been around for a few decades. It’s a childhood favorite because of the bright colors and fruity flavors. There’s something even better than Skittles, though—it is vodka flavored with the yummy candy. You can make your own flavored shots at home using the recipe created by Tara Shinn, and you only need two ingredients: Skittles and vodka.

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Flavored Vodka


The first step is to separate the Skittles by flavor. Place the candy inside a clean bottle that can hold at least 750 mL of liquid. For this recipe four 7.2 ounce packs of Skittles were used, but you can use any package that you find because a few more or less candies will not make a difference.

How to Make Candy-Infused Vodka


Once the candies are inside the bottle, fill it almost to the brim with a good quality vodka. Shake the concoction well until you see the Skittles infuse and melt.

The Skittles-Vodka Infusion


You can use a sieve to strain out the candies, but they actually don’t make a difference in the final output of flavor. You are going for a sweet candy-flavored vodka, after all. For the next four days, give the bottles of vodka a vigorous shake at least 3 times a day. It takes time to make this mixture, but rest assured, it is worth the wait.


After four days, when you can see the sticky mess the candies have become at the bottom of the bottle, you can strain the whole mixture. For an extra smooth drink, use a funnel and coffee filter to catch all the big particles of candy. Strain the liquid in all the bottles. Place the strained mixtures in clean 750 mL bottles. Congratulations, you now have your own candy-flavored beverage. Now you can invite all your friends over to taste your creation.

A top tip is to leave out the grape (purple) Skittle. It results in a strange infusion that is only mellowed out by Red Bull. You should not mix the red and purple creations because they create a flavor combination that is just disgusting. All the other colors passed the taste test.

Here are a few examples of cocktails you can make.


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