Futuristic Inventions We Wish Were Real

Futuristic Inventions We Wish Were Real


The realm of Science Fiction has produced many of the world’s most amazing items.

Several of these items have become the epitome of life being simplified right before our very eyes. But due to technological advances, the once fictional ideas have become a thing of reality. From robots to smartwatches, there is no denying that arsenal of these products of fiction are slowly materializing.

With the vastness of the Science Fiction realm, there are still a few if not more inventions that needs to be made. Here are just some of these valuable stuff that needs to be created ASAP!

Automated Medical Bed

Automated medical beds or surgical tables have been featured in films such as 2012’s Prometheus and 2013’s Elysium. These magical beds can cure diseases and perform complex surgical procedures without the much assistance from medical doctors.


Do not fret though, several manufacturers are THIS close to creating one of this ultimate recreational machine. Maybe in a few years time we could finally see one down the street.


George Lucas’ light saber has earned quite a following from both Star Wars and none Star Wars fans alike. Although there have been a realistic touch with recent Star Wars merchandise, the concept and technology of the light saber is still too advance for today’s technology.


Rayguns are the stereotypical tech found in science fiction that shoot killer rays at enemies. In the current era, similar directed-energy weapons are currently in development but is still quite a far cry from what we see and read.

Hologram projector

Holograms are slowly becoming a reality so we could expect this one to flourish in a few decades time all thanks to MIT’s Media Lab.




Robot maid – Robot Butler

Ever since 1985’s Rocky IV’s Paulie’s Robot or even further back with The Jetsons’ Rosie the maid, we have dreamed of domesticated robots wielding the feather duster. Although several human like robots have been invented close to functioning one like this, there it still a long way to go.


In 1960, the film Scent of Mystery introduced the world to Smell-O-Vision. Odors were released into the audience to correspond with the film’s storyline.  However, the fad did not catch on. Instead, the 3D movies materialized.

Teleportation machine

Millions of us face a soul-draining commute to work every day; a teleportation machine would eradicate that problem. So when can we expect to hop in one?

Teleportation is still considered theoretical, but there have been comments made in the scientific community that this technology could start coming into practice in the next century or so.

Flying car

With futuristic cars on the rise, it its safe to say that flying cars are still far from being made. This epitome of future technology is still in the works. The closest thing that was invented was the Terrafugia Transition, which can cruise in the air at 93 knots or zip around highways at 70 mph.

Efforts have been made to build roadable aircraft (the serious name for “flying car”) it seems the current best effort is the admittedly impressive-looking

Meal in a pill

Due to our fast paced lifestyle, there is no denying that we have little time to prepare ourselves a scrumptious meal. The closest thing that we saw of this meal in a pill deal was the bubble gum that Willy Wonka invented in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.




Hungry for more of these futuristic inventions?



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