Sexy Shirtless Marines have a Very Special Message to Deliver

Sexy Shirtless Marines have a Very Special Message to Deliver

O’Malley served the marines for about six years. Since he left the service in October, he found out that hiking was great therapy, not only for him but for the rest of his colleagues.

According to the event’s Facebook page:

“Imagine a pub crawling with all your Marine buddies wearing nothing, but silkies and rucks on the most crowded and beautiful boardwalk in California. That’s what’s going on here.”


In San Diego, a group of veterans and Marines wore nothing, but short shorts. They set out on a 13-mile walk with a mission to raise awareness about military suicides.



Starting off from South Mission Beach Jetty, the veterans wore short shorts that are known as silkies. Because of this, they drew a lot of attention.


They all walked 22 kilometers, carrying about 48 pounds of weight on their backs.


It was Retired Marine Capt. Donny O’Malley, who organized the event. He was also the one who said the event aimed to unite the veterans again.

“As we walked by we were cheered, honked, flashed, and handed money. That helped increase the energy and excitement,” he said.



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