Guess What This Shar-Pei Mom Does For Two Tiger Cubs? Amazing!

Guess What This Shar-Pei Mom Does For Two Tiger Cubs? Amazing!

Two Siberian tiger cubs were abandoned by their mother in Russia, so a kindhearted shar-pei dog named Cleopatra stepped into the picture to be their new mother.

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The cubs were born in a zoo in the Oktyabrsky health resort in Sochi, Russia. Viktoria Kudlayeva, the assistant director of the zoo claims the dog was maternal toward the cubs from the start.




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In an interview, Kudlayeva says, “She accepted them right away. She’s cleaning them and breast-feeding them as if they were her own. And they also sleep together.”

The tiger cubs are also being fed goat’s milk. They have been named Clyopa and Plyusha.

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Kudlayeva says the cubs do not pose a threat to the dog even though they have claws. The cubs depend on her for food, and they aren’t showing any aggressive behavior toward the dog.





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There are less than 400 Siberian tigers in the wild. Most of them live in Russia’s Far East.




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