Shaving heads for cancer victims

Heartwarming Stories of People Who Had Their Heads Shaved for Cancer

Heads Shaved

Just like the airmen on the image above, who had their heads shaved for cancer in support of a pilot friend’s son suffering from the dreaded disease, there are a lot of other people who have given up their hair for this great cause.  These range from siblings to friends to just random men, women and even kids, who believe that they can make a difference in their own little ways.

Friends and Family

One of such stories is that of Gerdi McKenna’s family and friends, who had their hair shaved off before meeting with the cancer patient for a photo shoot with South African celebrated photographer, Albert Bredenhann.


In support

Their shorn off hair was donated to the Cancer Association of South Africa or CANSA, according to PetaPixel.

Solidarity for cancer


Support for Gerdi Mckenna

McKenna was diagnosed with breast cancer several months before the photo shoot and the valiant act of her family and friends happened. She lost a full head of hair due to her chemotherapy sessions.
Check out what really transpired during that day in the clip below:

A lot of men, women and children have also signed up to become “shaves” for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. These voluntary acts of selflessness are meant to inspire friends, family and other people to donate money for cancer research, especially for kids afflicted with the disease.

Help Cure Cancer

One of such children, who had her head shaved and who was instrumental in having others do the same and donate money for cancer research, was Katelyn Neumann.

Katelyn Shaved Head

The 10-year-old girl saw a St. Baldrick brochure and bugged her mom about having head shaved until she capitulated. What ensued was truly a tear-jerker moment, not just for Katelyn and her mom, but also for the people who were meant to benefit from the event.

Katelyn Shave to Support Cancer Cure
The video that follows will take you during that life-changing day, not only in the life of Katelyn and her mom, but also of the others who were involved in the event:

In another St. Baldrick event, Child and Family Services Project Specialist Tanya Juarez-Sweeney also had her hair shorn off along with her son and husband. The event was hosted at the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.



In 2013 at Washougal High School in Clark County, Washington state, Sammy Mederos along with 26 others also had their heads shaved for a St. Baldrick fundraising event. Mederos, a student of the said school, is a cancer survivor. She was diagnosed to have had leukemia when she was still in kindergarten. Now, she is very active in raising support for kids who are still battling with the dreaded disease.

Cancer cure support

There are other such stories as well and these include the collective show of support for Dr. Phillips High School senior student, swimmer and star polo player Ian Supra. To show their solidarity for their teammate who was diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer, the entire water polo team of the school had their heads shaved off.

Help the need

In a Shave to Save event this year meant to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, a woman named Abby Akin and 9-yr-old Dayne Brown also went bald to show their support for cancer.

Helping the one in needs

Kids support

Meanwhile, in 2012 Colts cheerleaders Crystall Ann and Megan M also had their heads shaved to show their love for Coach Chuck Pagano, who was absent during that season because of his fighting with leukemia.

Shaved heads for help


Cheerleader Shaved Heads for Support

These men, women and children didn’t need to have their heads shaved for them to show their support to people who are suffering from cancer. But, from the fact that they did, we can get to see their heart and their determination to show the people they love and others they don’t even know that they care with all their heart. All of us can do the same.

In our own little ways, we can help alleviate the pain, grief and overwhelming feeling of helplessness that cancer can bring to the victims and their families. All they really need is our support and the knowledge that we do understand, love and care for them.
Below is another video showing solidarity for cancer you might like to look into as well:

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