Heel Less Shoes are Taking You To New Heights

Heel Less Shoes are Taking You To New Heights


Before you think of Lady Gaga tripping off while at the airport with her towering heel-less shoes, think about other fashion forward celebrities who nailed the trend like Lucy Hale, Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson. While it looks horrifying for some to walk in shoes without heels, they are actually more comfortable to wear than stilettos,  at least that’s what they say.

If you want to step up your fashion choices, or get a perfect posture, you might want to try wearing this trend. Check out six of the renowned fashion and footwear designers who perfected the art of heel-less shoes below:

1. Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

The wedged king Jeffrey Campbell is known for his Lita boots which is tagged as the shoes of the year in 2011, but he didn’t stop with Lita shoes, he continued to create more captivating creations and he created Lita boots and wedges without heels.

2. Alexander McQueen

Yes we’ve heard about Alexander McQueen’s armadillo shoes five years ago and how Lady Gaga inspired the creation, but Alexander McQueen did it again 2 years after the armadillos were released and this time with this furry heel less shoes designed by creative director Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen Spring and Fall 2012 collection.




3. Jody Parchment

Jody Parchment, MA graduate in London College, created a pair of beautiful Rococo inspired ankle boots from her Artisan collection, a collection that explores and challenges the boundaries between 17th and 18th century British Rococo, furniture, carving and wearable fashion footwear.

4. Jean Paul Gaultier

In his Haute Couture Autumn Winter 2011-12 collection, Jean Paul Gaultier stunned the runway with his unique ballet shoes and other graphic shoes without heels.




5. Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti spiced up a few of your favorite shoe designs by taking off their heels for his Spring 2012 collection,. Inspired by the seventies fashion, Mr. Giuseppe made his pieces more contemporary and elegant for everyone to wear.





6. Noritaka Tatehana

Noritaka Tatehana is a distinguished Japanese shoe designer who was behind Lady Gaga’s iconic shoes who is rumored to have 14 pairs of the same style from Tatehana.

Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga looked pretty comfortable wearing his shoes.

These shoes maybe daunting but the lack of heel is actually compensated with the huge platform support on the base which make them totally wearable not just for celebrities but for everybody.

If you are willing to take risk you can certainly wear this trend without a sweat.




Watch the video below:


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