Hilarious Text Fails from Technically Challenged Parents …This Will Make You LOL

Hilarious Text Fails from Technically Challenged Parents …This Will Make You LOL

Parents are masters in the art of time management, multitasking, and patience. However, they do have a weakness, and that weakness is . . . technology. They have a lot to learn about it, along with a few other things. But some of their technological mishaps are very hilarious.

The pictures below will show you funny text messages that left their kids bewildered and confused.

Amusing: One tech-troubled mother struggles with the concept of Google - or, as she calls it, 'the google'

This one is just too funny. Also, her kid had a very good response to her last question. You’re probably very rich if your kid is running the Google.

Oops! Meanwhile, a father's caring text to his son backfires as he texts the device that has been left behind

Pretty sure his child will receive the text on the phone that was left behind. Nothing wrong with that, except that his child won’t be able to read it until he gets back.

Misinterpretation: One woman misinterprets her child's response to 'What does IDK, LY & TTYL mean'?

The initialisms IDK, LY, and TTYL in the exact order make a very big misinterpretation once you give out their meaning.

A mother informs her child by text that their 'great aunt just passed away LOL'




Knowing the exact meaning for all kinds of acronyms is very useful. In this example, it portrays the importance of knowing what LOL means and when to use it appropriately.



A father who has sent the automatic message 'I'm in a meeting' a staggering eight times in a row

Sending “In a meeting” more than once will prompt the question, Is he trying to convey a secret message, or did he did send this by accident?

Hilarious: A mother texts her child asking them to look for the missing device that she is messaging them from

This mother may be unaware that what she’s using to text her child is actually a phone.

Where are you? Meanwhile, another woman seemingly forgets she has taken her child to Walmart with her

Unfortunately, what goes along with age is bad memory. She was halfway home too.

A confused mother insults her child's ability to make friends

Not really sure if the mom is being sentimental or is simply being rude to her son. Confusing, right?


A mother accidentally writes a text in Chinese




You know you’re in trouble when you’re stuck in Chinese mode.

Prank: But one man appears to understand texting perfectly well - and even uses it to play a prank on his son

This cool dad just pulled a classic prank on his son. The “You’re in Trouble” prank always works.



One woman feels so confident about her texting ability that she uses the word 'chillaxxing'

We all know that moms are always trying to be cool. Sometimes, they just get too left behind and the “cool” wears off.


One mother plays a prank on her son to make sure he is receiving her texts

This is the perfect way to make your kid reply to the messages you send.


These epic fails and pranks by parents are just too awesome. These messages will truly give a hearty laugh to anyone who’ll read it. Parents are still very awesome, though, regardless of their technological fails.


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