Islands Shaped Like Hearts, Seahorses, and Crocodiles?

Islands Shaped Like Hearts, Seahorses, and Crocodiles?



Have you ever tried creating imaginary figures out of shadows, cloud formations, or maybe some random mural? Then for sure, you would also love to look at islands at different angles to see what figures they form. So far, there have been lots of islands discovered that were named after objects and animals, for the obvious reason that they look similar to them. Below, we present you some odd-shaped islands in the world, which are amazingly not edited.

Heart Island, Fiji


Dolphin Island, Italy


Pizza Island, Portugal


Turtle Island, Taiwan


Crocodile Island, Philippines






Eye Island– Maldives


Helicopter Island, Philippines


Fish Island, Croatia


Moon Island, Hawaii, USA


Seahorse Island, Galapagos, Ecuador






Smiley Group of Island, Malaysia


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