In This Japanese BBQ Restaurant, It’s Not Just The Food That’s Meaty

In This Japanese BBQ Restaurant, It’s Not Just The Food That’s Meaty


Japan is known for its flourishing businesses of bars and cafés, where people pay not only for the food but also for the staff. What’s exciting about this fact is that whether you are looking for a romantic place to dine in with your loved one or just somewhere with a fun ambiance where you can enjoy the company of your friends, you can always find that one special shop that suits your taste.

While there are those cafés where you can see cute stuff like ponies that you can play with, there are also those typical clubs where you can find people partying donned in colorful attires. But now there is one place that seems to be getting the attention of people. It is called Macho Nikuya Ebisu.

Macho Nikuya Ebisu is indeed a must-visit place for those who want to munch on some protein as this yakiniku restaurant takes pride on their menu that features a variety of interpretations of grilled meat.

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The men at this restaurant believe, “Eating yakiniku is one of the best training styles.” In fact, on the restaurant’s Web site, they ask, “Everyone, what is BBQ to you? Pleasure? Fun? A hobby? That’s all wrong. It’s training.”

Obviously, the restaurant’s crew members live by their goal of training while eating because the first thing you’ll notice as soon as you enter the establishment is that almost all the servers aren’t wearing shirts, showing off their muscles and flaunting their bodies.

In Japanese, “Arigatou gozaimasu” means “thank you.” But instead of saying that to you, these hot guys will tell you, “Arigatou gozaimacho.”

Though serving food is their main priority, these men also have exceptional talents. Apart from flexing while pouring drinks, they can crush beer cans using their biceps and split chopsticks with their muscles.

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With the joint efforts of a fit group of food promoters called Macho 29 and an existing restaurant, Macho Nikuya Ebisu was established.

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Upon ordering, customers are then given stickers. They get to decide where they are going to put it. However, the servers have a special request. Customers can place it “anywhere but the nipples.”

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According to the BBQ restaurant’s Web site, they aim to train customers by simply allowing them to enjoy yakiniku with their five senses, making gains through protein intake, and being inspired by their ideal phsyiques.




Here’s a video that show’s everything about this yakiniku restaurant:


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