Woman Who Married a Bridge Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary

Woman Who Married a Bridge Celebrates First Wedding Anniversary

The Australian woman who married the Le Pont du Diable Bridge in Céret, Southern France, last year is now celebrating her first anniversary. And she is now reflecting on the challenges of married life.

Jodi Rose, who is now Mrs. Le Pont du Diable, traveled for a decade recording the vibrations in bridge cables with a microphone to create her own experimental music. Then she found “the one.”

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Ms. Rose is now talking to the press, saying that the separation from her fourteenth-century stone husband has been difficult since she is now back in her native Sydney.


She explains, “I have struggled this year, coming back to Australia without him was tough, in particular the sense of displacement, from building a life on the other side of the world that I hoped we could live together. To facing my family and friends with only a conceptual husband, who can’t leave the banks of his river home. Trying to figure out how—and indeed if—I can fit back into Australian culture, or if I will find my place in this country again.”

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She appealed to the French authorities to allow her to stay in France, she even showed the officials her marriage certificate. She reflects on her fond memories shared with her partner. The name means The Devil’s Bridge. They were married in front of 14 guests on June 17, 2014.

She fantasizes about being with the bridge again, saying, “I would love to be with him now. Eating those amazing plump cherries from the orchards around Ceret . . . and drinking the fabulous Le Maudit (The Devil) red wine from Domaine Treloar, family vineyard in Roussillon as we watch the sun set together.”

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She says her wedding was “a spectacular celebration” and that her journey with her partner is just beginning.


She feels her time away from the bridge has helped their love grow stronger. She feels that they need to grow and discover on their own and together. She has “forsaken all other bridges and will be ecstatically reunited with my sexy French devil soon.”

Their union is not legally recognized in Australia or France, but Ms. Rose hopes to return to her husband before their second wedding anniversary.

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She explains, “His vibrations are calling me back to Europe and I look forward to being reunited with my bridge love in the French Pyrenees.”

The Sydney-based artist will release an exhibition and publish a memoir about her life experiences, including her bizarre marriage. She says that there is more to unfold in her love story, and “there is definitely the possibility of baby bridges along the way.”

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