The Woman Who Develops Strange and Dangerous Addiction to Drinking Paint

The Woman Who Develops Strange and Dangerous Addiction to Drinking Paint

There was a story of the woman who was addicted to eating her late husband’s ashes. Now meet the mother of two who just can’t get enough of drinking paint.

Heather Beal, who hails from Alabama, admitted in the season premiere of the TLC reality show My Strange Addiction that she finds the chemical taste of paint “perfect.”

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Beal claimed that her dangerous appetite toward paint started three years ago. She gets her supply from the local hardware store and binges on paint markers, which are her favorite kind.

“I drink paint from markers because I have looked for other paint both in quart or gallon form, and I haven’t found one that satisfies my desire,” Beal admitted. She also shared that her addiction began after she suffered the lost of her mother but denies that she’s ever consumed paint in front of her children.

[media-credit name=”TLC” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]drinking paint[/media-credit]

[media-credit name=”TLC” align=”aligncenter” width=”640″]drinking paint[/media-credit]


“As it’s going down your throat it feels very nice and warm, almost like a thicker version of warm milk,” Beal said in an interview with Today.

Tje Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration has strongly warned consuming paint in any form. Beal, whose eye twitches when she drinks paint, is exhibiting only the least of the side effects that come with drinking the product. Paint is said to have the same affects as alcohol, such as slurred speech, hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and may give off a false feeling of relaxation. But the long-term effects are even more alarming as it includes permanent brain and neurological damage.

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For Beal, the damage seems to have taken a toll on her already as a visit to the doctor has shown that her addiction resulted in her kidneys being damaged.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel as Beal has told TLC that she has gotten professional help for fear of her children’s future. Nowadays, she has claimed that she has not drunk a drop of paint since the last time they filmed her.

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