Most Dangerous Birds on Earth- Some of These Species Can Kill You

Most Dangerous Birds on Earth- Some of These Species Can Kill You

These are some of the most dangerous birds in the world. Sure, most of them are seen in a zoo for display, but that doesn’t mean that they are tamed enough for closer inspection. So when you see them in the wild, beware and run for your life. Trust me, you don’t want to get on their bad side.

The Ostrich

Considered as the largest and tallest flightless bird, the ostrich stands at an average height of 2.8 meters. Usually, they can be found in African savanna. Due to their long legs, they can run at a rate of more than 70 km/hr.

The Martial Eagle

The martial eagle is one of the biggest eagles on Earth, indigenous to the semi-open areas of the sub-Saharan desert.

The Blakiston’s Fish Owl

This owl hunts their prey in the riparian zones of Hokkaidō in Japan. It is also named after the English naturalist Thomas Blakiston.

The Andean Condor

Condors are the largest airborne birds on the planet with a wingspan of 3.1 meters.

The Bald Eagle

It is general knowledge that the national symbol for USA is the bald eagle. They are also aboriginal in some parts of Alaska, Canada, and northern Mexico.

This eagle’s diet is comprised of fishes. They hunt their food out of the water using their strong and sharp claws.






The Bearded Vulture

Also called as the lammergeyer, the German term for “lamb vulture,” the bearded vulture is a predator that attacks wounded or sick lambs. They also have an appetite for bone marrows. They would take the bones high in the air so they can smash them on the rocks.

The Harpy Eagle

They are not exactly dangerous to humans, but they do have an awesome double crest crowned on its head. This particular bird can reach the weight of 12 kilograms.

The Steller’s Sea Eagle

This eagle, which inhabits the coastal northern Asia, belongs in the family of Accipotridae. Female Steller’s eagles are known to be bigger than males as they can reach up to 9.5 kg. Most of their food are fishes, but they can survive with just water.

The Philippine Eagle

The Philippine eagle, or the monkey-eating eagle, has a wide wingspan pf 2.2 meters. They are called such for preying on the little monkeys.


These endangered fowls belong to the family of large flightless birds in New Zealand’s tropical forests. Male cassowaries can reach two meters in height and 60 kilograms in weight. They are dangerous to approach as they can inflict serious injuries with their strong legs paired with sharp claws.





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