This Gibbon Walks on a Tightrope and Astonishes Bystanders

This Gibbon Walks on a Tightrope and Astonishes Bystanders

We often see dogs do some tricks. These pups are trained, though, and have spent quite a long time only to perfect their acts. But here’s one unique animal that left the people around him in awe when he suddenly showed off an amazing act. Set your eyes on Siam, the white-handed gibbon with a hidden talent that took her caretakers by surprise.

Siam began to show his talent off when the 8-year-old gibbon first arrived in Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, South Africa. He was able to balance on a tightrope and cross along the suspension bridge that is 60 feet above the ground.






According to the animal specialists, this is not a usual behavior for gibbons. They also believe that his behavior is a result of being held in captivity in a caged environment back when he was in a zoo in France before finally coming to the free-roaming sanctuary.

Aside from his incredible balancing skills, he would also take a cringing leap off from the bridge and into a tree.






Monkeyland attends to primates who spent their lives in enclosure by letting them live in a stable environment. According to their Web site, they are a “place where primates are rehabilitated both physically and emotionally”.

As of this writing, the sanctuary homes at least 550 primates of 11 different species and gives them a place where they can roam freely and safely around, an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat.

Watch the gibbon do his act right here.

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