These Police Officers Were Caught Being Completely Awesome

These Police Officers Were Caught Being Completely Awesome

Police officers live by the motto, “To serve and protect”. However, their duty isn’t always about issuing tickets or arresting criminals. Check out these inspiring photos that will show you the lighter side of the law enforcement officers:

1. When this dog did his best ever photobomb face.

2. When these police officers made the wackiest selfie.

3. When this police officer approved this guy drinking wine.

4. When this cop took a break to play basketball.

5. When he tried to nail this trick.



6. When he tried to jump over the fire.

7. When he posed in front of this vandalism.

8. When he tried to chase this creature.

9. When he proved he has excellent biking skills.

10. When he tried to break the rules of the road.



11. When he tried to fit the uniform of this trainee.

12. When he showed off he has the ability to play good music.

13. When he forgot to wear his duty uniform.

14. When he worked out his muscles with some doughnuts.

15. When he pulled over some motorists to give flowers instead of tickets.



16. When he chased this young guy.

17. When this officer played fetch with this adorable dog.

18. When these officers took a selfie with the crowd.

19. When they reported for duty in these tiny motors.

20. When this kid had one too many.



21. When this cop stopped over to show his support a small business.

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