Possibly the Most Insane Climbing Walls in the World

Possibly the Most Insane Climbing Walls in the World

If you are not afraid of heights and a fan of wall climbing, you will absolutely love these amazing and creative walls.

Campus Climbing Wall (Netherlands)

This climbing wall was built onto the wall of University of Enschede dormitory. The climbing wall is incorporated perfectly to the building’s architecture. This was a gift to the local mountaineering club. Students who like to climb are absolutely loving the new feature of the dorm. The wall was designed by Arons & Gelauff Architecten.

Inflatable Climbing Wall

This Iceberg Floating Water Slide will make your beach outing more fun. This 20-foot floating climbing wall is good for beginners, giving them the assurance that their fall won’t be that hard because it’s the waters they’ll be hitting

Alice in Wonderland Climbing Wall (Japan)


This climbing wall is built in the ILLOIHA fitness club in Japan. The whimsical wall was inspired by Lewis Carroll‘s Alice in the Wonderland. It was designed by Nendo.

Extreme Edge Climbing Wall (New Zealand)

This is one of the largest climbing centers on the continent. Acres of great climbing walls surround a Stone Hengeboulder.


Marymoor Park Climbing Wall (Washintong, US)

Located on the northern part of Lake Sammamish in Redmond, Washington, the Marymoor Park is King County’s oldest, largest, and most popular park. More than 3 million people visit the 640 acres park. Highlights of the park include the wall climbing and rock climbing activities.

Silo Climbing Wall

Three abandoned sewage treatment silos were giving headaches to the city administrators of Amsterdam. The city did not know what to do with the silos, so they held a competition to get ideas from the people on how to best reuse the silos. Amsterdam-based NL Architects submitted their design on how to best utilize the silos, and they proposed that the silos be made into these incredible climbing towers. The areas inside and outside will also be turned into multipurpose areas, offices, restaurants, and other commercial spaces.

Largest Outdoor Climbing Wall in Central Europe (Czech Republic)

This climbing wall is made of concrete and is 80 meters in diameter and has the highest point at 15 meters. The climbing is currently the largest outdoor climbing wall in Central Europe. The wall is not for beginners, though, as its difficulty level ranges from 3 to 9 (UIAA standards). The wall features forty-six safety lines and eighty-four paths.


On Wall–Climbing Project (Japan)

Product designers Tomoko Azumi, Rie Isono, Norico Katayama, and lighting designer Hiroe Tanita collaborated to make On Wall. They mounted shapes onto walls, allowing people to climb them. The mix installation used space design and lighting design to create an incredible looking climbing walls.

500 ft Climbing Wall (Switzerland)


In 1990s, the Diga di Luzzone, a dam in Switzerland, became the one of the largest artificial climbing walls in the world. The working dam features one of the two largest man-made climbing routes. The route is a 540-foot, five-pitch wall that curves on the way up on the side of the Luzzone dam. This one is particularly a hard climb because the concave wall changes from a slabby climb to straight climb then on to a vertical climb.

For climbers that wish to conquer the route, they will have to pay 20 Swiss francs each to unlock the ladder that crosses the first section of the climb.

World’s Tallest Climbing Wall (Netherlands)


The Bjoeks climbing center in Groningen features a 121 feet (37 meters) tall climbing wall. The wall, dubbed as the Excalibur, also features an overhang of 36 feet. The Excalibur is known as the highest climbing tower in the world.


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