Here are the Weirdest Burgers Currently Circling The Web

Here are the Weirdest Burgers Currently Circling The Web

Are you one of those burgers freaks who love to try various toppings, fillings, and styles? If you are, you would absolutely be surprised with these burgers.

Behold, the world’s strangest and most innovative burgers!

The 590-Pounder

Canadian Ted Reader, a chef, wanted to set a new world record. So, he grilled up a 590-pound burger in Toronto. He used enough meat to make 2,360 quarter pounders, 100 lbs. of bread, 150 lbs. of condiments, and 20 lbs. of lettuce. He hoped that his behemoth burger is the world’s largest.

Burger King Whopper Bar’s NY Pizza burger

Hamburger Cake

This burger cake is made of a sponge cake filled with chocolate mousse as meat patty, fresh kiwis as lettuce and strawberries as tomato, fresh cream as mayo, and the “cheese” is a mango mousse.

Krispy Kreme Donut burger


1-UP Mushroom burger

Caviar burgers

World’s Smallest Cheeseburger Combo Meal

Mini Snack burgers


Big Mac(arons)

Cheeseburger in a Can

The Skittles burger

Huge Bacon burger


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